Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tackle-It Tuesday: Sheet and Pillowcase Storage in a Linen Closet

I finally got tired of stacks of sheets and pillowcases toppling over in our linen closet. Plus one of my husband's love languages is Acts of Service, so I have been trying to get things more organized lately for him. The bonus is that it helps me to feel more at peace in the house, and the kids can find things more easily too!

I went looking for a solution and saw that people on Instagram were doing an organizing challenge and some were placing their sheets neatly into bins and then labeling them in their linen closets.

This is my friend's cousin, who has 11 kids and staying organized is very important in her household!
 Yes! So I went to my bestie Amazon and ordered these beauties after measuring our closet:

When they arrived, I realized I had made a mistake because they were all super short. The ones in the front are fine being short, but I needed the larger ones (11" x 11") to be taller. The "after" picture is below so you can see what I used instead. Spoiler alert: there is not "before" picture and I dumped out all of our hats and gloves from two fabric storage bins so I could turn them into sheet storage bins.

Don't ask me what I did with the hats and gloves because that's another post!

Think about this: if each of the beds in your home has a set of sheets on it, you really only MAYBE need one more set of sheets for each bed in your closet. Ideally,  you would wash the sheets and dry them and get them back on the bed in the same day, but that doesn't always happen, and that's where the extra set comes in. 

So why do so many people own so many sets of sheets? I don't know either. I think we just keep collecting things and cramming them into closets and they are mostly out of sight and out of mind. Then one day we realize we don't HAVE TO FILL EVERY SPACE IN OUR HOME. We can be fine with empty space and owning only what we need and will use. It's a satisfying feeling to realize this!

I had recently gotten rid of the fitted sheets to correspond to the flat sheets mentioned in the tweet above. Why only the fitted sheets? One word: FORTS. You need flat sheets to build forts, right? Hmmm, but my kids now range from 10-18 and there is not a whole ton of fort building happening. Although there is still some, thankfully, so that's why I kept the queen-sized flat green sheet for our old bed.

There. Six beds in the house. So six flat sheets and six fitted sheets in the closet all organized in two separate square foldable fabric bins. Also I got the pillowcases purged and organized.

And a separate organizer for FORT SHEETS* FOR THE WIN!

Who says you can't have it all? Not me!

Bet you can't tell that I crammed the fitted sheets into that blue bin and DID NOT fold them perfectly.

Also, please note the Kon Mari method of folding my towels to save space. And the washrags purged and placed into a bin. The fort bin will go next to the wash rags. Or maybe that will be a spot for hand towels. Lots of choices.

*Holy cow, we had a lot of fort sheets. Like six fort sheets, which is way too much. I put the biggest three in the "fort sheet bin" and the rest in my husband's rag bucket out in his workshop. You and my husband can check out these posts for fun ideas for gardens, pets, auto, packaging, and more!

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