Monday, January 27, 2020

How to Make the Most of a Business Trip

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

To make the most of a business trip, you need to do more for your career and for your personal life. Trying to do more on an already exhausting trip might seem impossible, but the steps outlined in this guide can actually help you to relax more during your downtime and better manage your energy.

Mental fatigue is a serious issue, so invigorate your mind and help yourself enjoy a better sleep by following this guide to help you make the most out of any business trip:

1.    Bring Your Own Creature Comforts With You

Bring pillowcases from home, photos, and, most importantly, slippers. Small creature comforts from home like these can help give you a sense of normalcy when you are living out of a hotel room. For those who travel for a living, creature comforts are the only way to add consistency to your routine, no matter how similar all the hotel rooms start to look.

2.    Eat Healthy, and Not At the Hotel

Vary where you eat but don’t fall into the trap of consuming unhealthy meals, day in and day out. There are many great healthy restaurants and markets in any city you go to, and finding these can help you stay healthy, give you an excuse to get out of the hotel, and, if you go with coworkers, you can socialize outside of work.

3.    See if You Can Add Extra Personal Time Before or After a Trip

If you have vacation days left over and you can cover the cost of your return trip, it’s worth seeing if your employer is willing to allow you to have a few days off before or after your business trip. If you can cover your own costs and have days left, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

4.    Look Up The Best Way to Experience a City – Not See It

Even if you aren’t permitted personal time off to see the city on your own after the business portion of your trip is over, you can still see the city. When getting out there, however, skip the busy, overcrowded tourist highlights and focus on all the experiences you can enjoy. From great markets to unique arts and cultural events, to even just spending time reading in a peaceful place, these activities will help you really experience your destination while feeling energized. To find these places, look up some quality 48-hour guides, like this 48 hours in Manchester guide that showcases how to really experience the city. This type of guide is ideal if you at a destination for three days to a week but need to work during the day. This way, you have fun, exciting experiences to enjoy that get you out of your hotel room.

Relax better and see more of your destination on every trip you take with work. Your time is your time, so use it to experience new foods and activities. The fun you’ll have will help you relax so much more and ensure you get a great night’s sleep at the end of your workday.