Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Linen Closet Door Organizer #TackleItTuesday

We were spoiled in our previous home of 17 years with a huge linen closet in our main bathroom, so big the kids could even hide in it for hide-n-seek. I longed for a closet that was NOT in the bathroom so people could grab things they needed without having to wait for someone to get out of the bathroom.

Then we moved to THE DREAM HOUSE and have a cute little hallway linen closet. The challenge is that it is not deep and the shelves are not wide.

Here's a BEFORE picture of our entire linen closet. I feel like we have fewer toiletries and medicines than a lot of people do, but still it's an unorganized mess no matter what I do. Looking for allergy medicine results in everything getting knocked over.

Here's a picture of the guilty shelf:

So I ordered this lil sweetie on Amazon and problem solved! I got the ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 77-Inch Height X 18-Inch Wide,white but you can also get a 12-inch organizer.

Here's the AFTER picture. Everything is organized in the door and the shelves look much neater! Thank you to my awesome husband for making this happen and making my organizational dreams come true!

There was even more of the white bar that my husband did not use, so when he installed it, he could have gone all the way down the door. This was really all we needed so he stopped it just below the doorknob. There were several more baskets as well.

Side note: Turns out we have 24+ bath towels for 7 people who live here plus the occasional guest, and that's too many. We have 3 bathrooms, so let's say there are 3 towels in each bathroom = 15 towels hanging out at any given time in the linen closet, which is already overstuffed. I made sure 5 of them were clean and then put them in our ongoing giveaway bag.

If you love closet organization, check out what I did with sheet and pillowcase storage in the linen closet.

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