Monday, January 27, 2020

4 Gift Ideas to Start Saving Up for Christmas

This isn’t exactly the time of year where you normally start planning for Christmas. However, it is never too early to do so – especially if you have the idea of gifting something particularly memorable to a loved one. 

After all, certain luxury gift ideas require months of budgeting for the regular person. While this will take its toll, and you might have to cut out a few daily treats to save up the money, it will be worth it when you see the recipient’s face on Christmas morning.

The only problem: what gift should you buy? For guidance and an easy way to answer that question, consider the following gift ideas:

1. New vehicle

A new car is certainly going above and beyond as far as Christmas gifts are concerned. Yet if you have, say, a son or daughter who will be passing their driving test this year, it is also a logical choice. They receive a practical gift, while you have a hand in ensuring the vehicle is safe. 

To avoid any possible disappointment, you should work with the giftee in advance to ensure they receive a vehicle they desire. Learn about their favorite car brand and color. Although if you purchase them a top-of-the-range luxury car, it could be a garish neon green color and they’d still be happy.

2. A statement ring

You want to make an impression on the gift receiver, right? Well you can do this, and also let them make an impression of their own, with a statement ring. 

A statement ring is, of course, a piece of jewelry that stands out from the ordinary. It’s bold in design and memorable for all the right reasons. One example would be the 18ct gold Crown Rings range from Annoushka. This type of ring will likely cost a little extra when compared to a standard ring, but the giftee will certainly appreciate the added effort.

3. Arcade coffee table

When you know the giftee wants to get their game on, why not go all-out and give them an arcade coffee table? It’s certainly the more extravagant option when compared to the current video game consoles on the market. 

It’s also immensely fun. Plus it’s a statement making piece without being obtrusive. In comparison to an arcade cabinet, a coffee table can also function as, well, a coffee table. This means one minute it will be used to rest drinks on, the next for a game of Pac-Man!

4. Front row seats and VIP access

If you have ever been to a concert, comedy show, or other event, you will likely have felt envious about those sitting front row. Yet with forward planning and a dash of luck, you have the chance of securing those prime seats. 

It also makes for a great present. If your giftee has a favorite band or theatrical production, try and secure a couple front row seats. Certain events also attach the luxury of VIP access, which will only make the gift all that more memorable.  

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