Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hosting A Hog Roast

Are you in charge of organising an event? Whether it’s a corporate occasion or a personal celebration, there is no denying that it can be somewhat stressful. Proper planning is key, which is why we have put together this guide on hosting a pig roast. So, keep on reading to find out more…

You have decided you want to serve a delicious hog roast at the event you are hosting. Great choice! Not only does roasted pig taste exquisite, but it will make your occasion one to remember and your guests will certainly appreciate the fact that you have gone that extra mile to ensure they have a great time. But, you do need to put in some careful planning if you want everything to go smoothly. The first thing you must do is create your guest list. This is imperative, as you need to know how many people you are going to be cooking for. The last thing you want is to run out of meat and/or side dishes for people to enjoy. So, make a list of everyone you are going to invite. Ask all guests to RSVP by a particular date. If you don’t hear back from them you can always follow up by giving them a call.

It is vital to get a good idea of how many people you need to cook for. Of course, it is always better to have too much food as opposed to not enough. However, you don’t want to spend more money than necessary, especially if you have a strict budget to stick to. Once you have completed this step, you can then determine what size hog you are going to require. The great thing about our hog roast catering service is the fact that you can purchase in relation to the number of guests. Generally speaking, it is advisable to multiply 1.5 pounds by the number of guests to get the right size. But this is something you don’t need to concern yourself with.

You will also need to decide whether you want to cook the hog roast yourself or whether you want this to be handled by the catering company. This is entirely up to you. A lot of people like the idea of cooking the hog roast themselves, as they can control exactly how it is cooked and they find it to be quite a lot of fun too. However, with so many other things to plan, it can often be a weight off your shoulders to have a professional taking care of the cooking for you. There is no risk involved – you know everything is going to go smoothly. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy your event as well. The best companies offering hog roasts also ensure there is a member of staff to carve the meat and another to serve it.

You also must spend some time determining what side dishes you are going to serve with the hog roast. The great thing about this meat is the fact that it goes well with a lot of dishes, so you really can be experimental with the side dishes you serve if you so wish. One thing you will have to consider is whether there are going to be any vegetarians at the event. When sending out the invitations it is advisable to ask for guests to inform you of any dietary requirements and thus you will know whether vegetarian options are essential or not. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to put on a few vegetarian options just to be sure. This is especially the case if you are hosting a large gathering or corporate event, where it is difficult to know exactly who you are catering to.

All quality hog roast catering companies have a selection of side dishes and accompaniments for you to choose from. You also need to think about the drinks you will serve. Why not create your own cocktail? Or, if you have guests who have been in an addiction treatment program, go for mocktails instead! When serving this dish it is always advisable to have the traditional options on offer. This includes the likes of apple sauce and fresh bread rolls. This plays to the simplicity of the dish, which really is the beauty behind it all. No pig roast is complete without delicious stuffing and crispy crackling either. Should you go for traditional sage and onion stuffing or do you like the sound of cranberry or walnut and mushroom instead? The choice is of course yours. If you are feeling unsure, play it safe with sage and onion. This is a real crowd pleaser. Nonetheless, the choice is yours, and something more adventurous may fit in with the theme of your event better. Make sure the flavour enhancing rub and stuffing complement each other well.

Aside from bread and apple sauce, what other side dishes should you consider serving alongside the pig roast? You do have many different options. Think about the season. If the temperature is warm when you are serving the roasted pig, you will definitely want to have a good selection of cold side dishes. Coleslaw, salad and sweetcorn are all examples of dishes that work really well with pork, playing towards the BBQ feel of it. If you are looking for something hot, you really cannot go wrong with potatoes. You may want to create some dishes yourself to accompany the meat? Or, if you are hosting a summer party or a family event you could even ask your guests to bring along a dish each. This will certainly add to the excitement, as there’s no telling what dishes you could end up with.

Now you pretty much have the hog roast catering side of things covered. You will of course need to ensure all of the arrangements are sorted with the company in question. What time will the caterers arrive? What is entailed in the service? You will need to set aside a space for serving the pig roast. Other finishing touches include acquiring all of the plates and cutlery you need for the number of people in attendance. It is always advisable to have slightly more than necessary. Decorate the venue to create the right ambience for the occasion you are hosting. Moreover, if the event is taking place outside, it is always a good idea to purchase diffusers. This will help to keep the bugs away from the food.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what it takes to host the perfect pig roast. If you follow the steps that have been provided you should find the occasion runs smoothly. You simply need to be aware of how many people are expected to attend and cater to this. Moreover, when it comes to the side dishes and accompaniments, it is vital to try and cater to everyone’s tastes by ensuring there is a diverse set of options for people to choose from. Finish off with all of the extras, such as cutlery, decorations and diffusers, and you cannot go wrong.