Monday, December 16, 2019

Seven Signs You're Ready for a New House

If you’ve decorated, and bought new home accessories, or even just returned from a vacation and look around your home and feel a bit, well, meh, then it could be that you’re ready for a change. Even if you hate the packing and organizing process which comes hand-in-hand with moving, where you live can really impact how you feel. Especially if you homeschool your kids, or have a new arrival on the way and are desperately seeking alternate storage solutions, it’s worth looking at the signs below to see if you need a change in your living environment.
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1 – There are DIY jobs to do… but you just can’t bring yourself to get on with them
This is a key indicator that you are ready for a change. If the sight of peeling paint and a dripping tap is filling you with an unwillingness to make the necessary improvements, then it’s probably because of the house itself. No one relishes DIY, but living somewhere you feel invigorated to improve is a healthy attitude to have.
2 – Your friends all live in a different area
One of the most basic signs, but still one to bear in mind. Even if you’re telling yourself you don’t mind the travel, that it gives you a chance to catch up on podcasts, wouldn’t it be much nicer to be able to pop round without a week’s notice?
3 – You’ve fallen out of love with your house
Like a relationship, if you can’t list at least three things that you absolutely love about it and wouldn’t change for the world, then it’s time to take a serious look at your choices. If you feel fed up with your home and can’t think of anything nice to say about it, then it just might be time to think about moving on. If that isn’t an option, look at ideas to add some spark back into your relationship.
4 – You spend more time out of your home than in it
You’d rather hang out at your friends’ houses than at yours and you’ve stopped inviting people over.
5 – You’re voyeuristically interested whenever there’s talk of a new house
Do your ears burn whenever someone near you mentions their property hunting or deposit paid on a new house? Are you first in line to ask to look at pictures and find out where, and how much, and what? Don’t harbor home envy – get looking.
6 – You’ve done some research
If you’ve already looked into people who buy homes, and your ears are full of We Buy Houses Tacoma then you’re obviously feeling pretty serious about the idea of moving on from where you currently are. It’s probably time to start discussing it seriously with your partner and laying out the options available to you.
7 – You don’t clean and tidy like you once did
Feeling unmotivated when it comes to looking after your home and making it presentable is a key sign that you don’t really want to be there.
If these seven signs are ringing true for you, then don’t delay. Start weighing up your choices and thinking about how you can move on. You’ll be packing before you know it!

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