Thursday, August 8, 2019

2019 Books Read and Plan to Read Kerrie McLoughlin

Welcome to my online reading log! I've included links to purchase these books on Amazon since we all know that's an amazing place to buy books, not only because if you have Prime you get the book fast and with free shipping, but also because they pretty much carry EVERYTHING!

And if you prefer to check out Scribd for two months for FREE to see which of these books might be on Scribd as an ebook or audiobook, just click on the word Scribd here in this post. I do find that most books I want to read or listen to can be found over there with only a few exceptions.

Please check back here regularly. I have eclectic tastes and I include what I'm reading to the kids as well (just click here to go to that post)! And yes, I do read more than one book at once! (disclaimer: I might get a few cents if you buy a book or ebook using the links in this post)

Listened to this one on Scribd while I walked, put away laundry, made dinner, drove, etc.
(Finished August 12, 2019):

Reading this one in paperback by the pool (gift from my friend Jill); almost done as of August 16, 2019:

This one looks like a quick read I might do next:

Jill also gave me this one in paperback, and it will round out pool season nicely!

Planning to start this one in September. Started this one August 12 on audiobook and was immediately drawn in:

If I fall in love with Kristin Hannah, I'm heading to this one next, then I'll start posting more:

Then I'd like to check out this one:

And this one:


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