Monday, October 7, 2019

Creating a Crafting Room

If you are crafting fanatic, perhaps your idea of a home makeover includes your very own crafting room. A wide-open space where you can cut, sew, glue, or bedazzle to your heart’s content doesn’t have to be something of your dreams. You can create a unique and functional crafting space even on a tight budget. Here are some tips on how to get it done.

  1. You will need a sturdy table to give you the work space you need. By installing locking caster wheels on the base of a wooden or metal table, you can give yourself the freedom to move the table around to help accommodate projects better. If you will be sitting for a long time, use a stool rather than a chair at the table. If you want to add height for standing while crafting, add blocks under the legs.

  2. Tape or glue a measuring tape to the side of your table to help make sizing easier. You can also use a vinyl stencil to label it directly onto the table.

  3. Recycle used boxes around the house for storage. Shoe boxes make perfect crafting supplies boxes, as they come with lids and can fit on most shelving units. Cover them with some cheap fabric to give your room a finished look and make your storage much more appealing.

  4. Having a sink in the craft room can be a huge help, but if you aren’t able to install one, there are other options. You can either purchase a camping sink that relies on a storage tank under the setup, or you can use a container with a spout and a five-gallon bucket for the dirty water. This keeps you from tracking a mess throughout the house.

  5. Recycle empty soups can for more storage. Using the same fabric as you did for the shoeboxes, you can color coordinate and cover your cans to make them more exciting. By adding corrugated cardboard inserts into the cans, you can separate different sizes or types of paint brushes, markers, or pens.

  6. Clear canisters are the best for storing materials like cotton balls, yarn, felt, or ribbon scraps. Be sure to use ones with lids. If you want to create your own yarn or ribbon dispenser, use a wooden dowel inside the cannister and slice a small slit in the lid for the ends of the material to protrude.

You can organize many things by recycling some of the common items around your home. Take a look at what you can repurpose and start designing your new crafting space.


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