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2019 Homeschooling Books Grades 4th through 12th (updated regularly)

Welcome to the place I park my book ideas for reading to my kids for homeschooling. If you're looking for a list of books that I have read in 2019 and the ones I plan to read (some may end up flowing over into 2020), just click here. (disclaimer: I might get a few cents if you buy a book or ebook using the links in this post)

Please check back because as of August 11, I am still working on their reading lists for 2019/2020. This post only has books for 2019 but I'll give you the sneak peek for 2020 books as well.

If you purchase something using my links below, I might get a few pennies from Amazon. But I also recommend Scribd because many of these books can be found on that audio and ebook service for just $8.99 per month (you get two months free to try it first) and you can organize your choices by child or topic or grade... however you like! Some choices are on audio AND ebook, which just gives you more choices for that kid who likes for you to read to them or they read to themselves but also sometimes you want to snuggle up and listen together!

Let's meet the kids!
L-R Callie (14), Joel (18), Samuel (9), Eva (11), Michael (16)
Joel is 18 and a senior this year. He'll be taking an online Psychology course at our "local" community college this fall. I put local in quotes because we live in a rural area and our city definitely does not have a college. I consider us extremely lucky to have a winery, a greasy spoon, and an amazing drive-through coffee spot, as well as some dang good tamales! Joel also works for a lawncare company and will be taking Biology at home. This kid likes to go to the gym and hang out with friends.

Michael is 16 and a sophomore. He'll be taking some fun classes at co-op (half an hour away) one day a week, like Cooking/Baking, Psychology, Build a Business, and Lessons with Father Mike Schmitz. He just got his first major job, half an hour away, so he'll be getting himself a car soon. This kid likes to read for pleasure, as well as engineer cool LEGO creations and play Minecraft.

Callie is 14 and 8th grade. She also will attend co-op one day a week, taking Creative Writing (taught by me), as well as PE, Study Skills, Build a Business, Speech, Games, and Drama (taught by me). She loves creating fun Instagram posts, staying organized, being with friends, and creating cool outfits out of what she has in her closet.

Eva is 11 and 6th grade. At co-op one day a week, she'll take Creative Writing (taught by me) and other fun classes like Art, Geography, STEM (taught by me), Build a Business, Games, and Drama (taught by me). This kid likes to read for pleasure as well.

Samuel is 9 and 4th grade. At co-op one day a week, he'll take a class on States (taught by me), as well as Creative Writing/Drama, PE, STEM (taught by me) and Art.

"To be brave in whatever situations you encounter—to be someone who can be've lived those hard decisions in your imagination, which is really almost as good as experiencing it yourself," Carolyn Leiloglou, children's book author on an episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

*Please leave book recommendations in the comments!

I used this as a guide for some of my choices I've parked here:

Reading this during the summer to my teenage boys for homeschooling:

And before that we read this, then watched the movie:

And before that we did this one:

And this is what I'm reading to Callie, who is 14:

This one will be on our school year list for the big boys:

This is what's next for the big boys:

And I should have read this a long time ago to them. One of my favorites. "Nothing gold can stay":


I also like this:

Can you believe I never read this one? Time to read it to my kids!

Sam and I are reading this first this year:

This is what Eva and I started on audiobook August 27th by the pool:

This one looks good and is recommended in The Read-Aloud Family as well:

Also looks good. We love historical fiction and anything with a good message of understanding other people:

This one looks great too … my husband likes to read to the kids at night as often as he can and this kind of thing looks perfect for all the kids to listen to and fall asleep to:

And this:

More important messages:

Curious about this one:

Preach it, Mrs. Roosevelt!

As a girl growing up watching all things Little House on the Prairie, this is a must!

We read the summer version of this family's adventures and want to read more!

This kid reminds me of Eva, so it's on the list!

Love this for reading a little at a time and keeping it by the nightstand in my room:

As well as this one:

Then I should also get this one!

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