Monday, April 8, 2019

The Best Kept Secrets You Need To Uncover In Texas

You might think that you know all that there is to know about the state of Texas. In fact, you might have already visited its famous cities, including Dallas and Houston, a few times already. But what you need to remember is that there is a lot more to Texas than just its big cities - there’s a whole lot more in actual fact!

Texas is such a huge state so there is no wonder that there will be a lot of hidden secrets for you to explore and discover during your visit. Here are just a few of the best ones.


If you book a hotel in Marfa, TX, you will certainly be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s right in the middle of the desert, but this small town has actually turned that into an advantage. It may only be small but it has a might arts community, and you will be able to check out local artworks at both the Chinati Foundation and Ballroom Marfa organization. This town also has a bit of a spooky side as well, as some visitors claim to see what is known as “Marfa Lights”. These are unexplained lights that have been spotted around town. No one has yet to agree on what they might be!

Hueco Tanks State Park

If you want to experience some of Texas’ best nature during your trip, then you will have to spend at least one day at the Hueco Tanks State Park. It’s located right between the Hueco Mountains and the Franklin Mountains. There are a lot of great hiking trails that you can follow through the park. Some of these trails were created thousands of years ago by the Native Americans.

Blue Lagoon, Huntsville

If you travel for ninety minutes out of Houston, you will eventually come to some quarries. It’s in these quarries where you will find the majestic Blue Lagoon. Once you’ve paid your entrance fee, you’ll be able to get to the edges of the water and even dip your toes in if you fancy. You’ll probably see scuba divers bobbing on the water’s surface, and there will certainly be plenty of people cooling off with a swim.

Copper Breaks State Park

Another of Texas’ top parks is the Copper Breaks State Park. This 1,800-acre park features two vast lakes and a myriad of great trails that you’ll be able to follow on foot or mountain bike. This is also a great destination for animal lovers as you’ll spot rabbits, deer, and herons.

The Cathedral Of Junk

If you’ve already been to Austin, there’s a chance that you didn’t see the Cathedral of Junk on your first visit. You’ll find it in a nondescript backyard as it’s been made by a member of the public. It’s a towering structure that’s been made out of - you guessed it - junk! You’ll notice beer signs, clocks, and ladders amongst it all.

Hopefully, you’ll see all of these best kept secrets when you next visit Texas!

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