Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Is Your Child's Playroom Ready for a Makeover? - How to Make it Happen on a Limited Budget

Your child’s first playroom or play space is an important part of their development. It gives them a place to explore, create, and learn to be independent. As your child grows from baby, toddler, to school-aged it’s often necessary to give the playroom a makeover as their tastes, toys, and needs will differ as they grow older.

If your child is of school-age and their playroom still looks like something meant for a toddler, then it’s well overdue a makeover. The good news is that you can make some pretty transformative changes that are relatively easy on the budget, giving your child a much more age-appropriate place to play in.

Start with Paint

The very easiest and cheapest place to start is usually with paint. When you first decorated a playroom for your child as a baby or toddler, you probably picked something bright and cheerful. This time around, why not let your child be involved in picking the color. By now they have their own likes and dislikes, as well as unique personality. Their playroom can be a reflection of them, which helps to make them feel more comfortable and happy with the space.

If you want to take the involvement one step further, they can even help with the painting if they are old enough. They may choose to do an accent wall too, complete with their own creations. Remember, it’s just paint and it can always be painted over at a later date.

Work on a Theme Together

As discussed on mashoid.co, your child may also want to pick a theme for their playroom. This can be helpful for you when it comes to d├ęcor, as it will give you a basic idea to work with. Popular themes include space, science, superheroes, dinosaurs, animals, under the sea, Lego, and nature.
If your child is stuck on finding a theme, it can be helpful to take a look at Pinterest and show them various ideas.

Get Creative with Storage

One of the most important parts of a playroom is the storage. You want to be sure you have plenty of it and that it is easily accessible to your child. This is where you can get a bit creative in order to save money. Sure, you can purchase those pre-made shelving systems with cubby boxes, but they don't tend to be very cheap.

Instead, look for ways you can repurpose furniture already in the room, or in other areas of the house that you aren’t using, and look for inexpensive items you can purchase that can be turned into a storage solution. Things such as milk crates, buckets, hanging shoe organizers, old tins and jars all make for great ideas. You can add personality to the storage solution with paint, fabric, and other details.

An Age Appropriate and Fun Space

These tips will help you to transform your child’s playroom into a space that is fun, creative, imaginative, and age-appropriate all on a budget.

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