Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Take Excellent Photos for Your Blog or Website

We all want to take awesome photos. Whether it’s for a blog or website, or for social media, we want our photos to be the best and to have the most impact on viewers. Unfortunately, not many of us have the tools or skills required to take those world-class photos.  However, with a bit of know-how, you can be taking great photos in no time. Today, we’ll be having a look at how you can take awesome photos for your blog or website.

Upgrade Your Camera

Today, most photos are taken on a phone. While a DSLR or mirrorless camera would be ideal, many will have to make do with a phone. If you own a cheaper phone, consider upgrading to the latest Android or iPhone since the more you spend, the better the photo quality will be. If you want to get serious with your photography, consider buying a cheaper DSLR or digital camera. Lenses are important too and Sigma makes a wide variety of great lenses. Sigma Rumors is a great website which will keep you informed about Sigma lenses. Bang-for-buck, getting a dedicated camera will be better than simply upgrading your phone, but who doesn’t like getting a new phone and camera in one?

Consider the Purpose and Focus of Your Photo

If you’re taking a photo for your blog, what’s the story behind the photo? What do you want to emphasize? If you’re trying to show your awesome holiday, give your photos variety and focus on the story. Don’t get too focused on things that might look good but don’t add to your story - the main reason for a photo should be to complement the writing and to strengthen the story. If you want to emphasize something in the foreground or background, you can use a shallow depth of field on your camera to blur out the rest of the photo. If you’re on a mobile phone, it might have to be done manually, but on most cameras, simply opening the aperture and focusing on the object will blur everything else out.

Learn How to Use the Camera

Great, so you know what you should be taking a photo of and you have a great camera. If you simply switch to auto mode, you might come away with some great shots, but for an amazing photo every time, you’ll want to learn how to use your camera in its entirety. Learning how to use manual modes will enable you to take photos in conditions outside the normal operating range of auto mode, so you’ll be able to get awesome shots, even in extremely low or high light situations.

This concludes the list of how to take excellent photos for your blog or website. With these tips, you should be able to take awesome photos day in day out. Whether it’s for your traveling blog or your website portfolio, these tips should ensure that you take great looking photos. 

Final photo in the old basement at 9028 Grant Street ... my readers love pictures of my husband because he's cute and also because they see plenty of the kids :-)

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