Thursday, December 14, 2017

Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown Edition Game Review: Awesome Christmas Gift

Back here I introduced you to a product I was going to receive to review. When it arrived, Eva and Sam dug in and started playing and had a blast! They immediately put the mouthpieces in that hold their mouths open and drew cards and tried to say certain words and figure out what the other was saying. It was pretty hilarious to listen to and watch.

Not every card you draw will involve something to put in your mouth (straw, blower, plastic thing that holds your mouth open and makes your words funky). You might draw a Quarter Battle card and put a straw in your mouth ... then you have to use the straw to push a quarter off a table and see who can do it first. There are many different cards you can choose to Act a Fool!, be a Ghost Writer, have a Cracker Throwdown, Follow the Directions!, Knock It Off!, Bottom's Up!, be an Art Director and more!

The goodies that come with the game

Two sizes of mouthpieces that make your speech funky: adult and kid

Quick Start Guide
It's a super varied game that will keep everyone having fun for a long time! I'm going to pull out this game for all our our holiday gatherings coming up and all through the year as well!

Here is a 15% off coupon code as well (15WYM) and the link to buy!

Come back and let me know how much fun you had and leave me a comment!

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