Thursday, December 14, 2017

Design Your New Bedroom To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

Most of us know that we should be getting more sleep. But it’s really important that the sleep you get is good quality sleep. Sleep comes in cycles. Each stage or step through that cycle is essential to good health. If you suffer interruptions to your sleep, chances are you’re missing one or more stages of that sleep cycle. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have the opportunity to achieve enough complete sleep cycles. Aim for about seven to eight hours to get the full rest you need.

The bedroom plays an enormous part in sleeping. This is the room where we need to feel relaxed and secure the whole night. There are several ways you can enhance the quality of sleep you get. Redesigning your bedroom might be one of the best. Here are some of the ways you can get more out of your sleeping space:

The Bed
You might be tempted to start your bedroom renovation with a new, healthier choice of bed. It is actually the mattress that is the most important part of sleeping. No matter your shape, size and weight, there is a perfect mattress for you. Consider your preferred sleeping position. You might lay on your front, one of your sides or your back. Your body should be supported where you are most comfortable.

There are several types of mattress to choose from, each with their own benefits. Sprung mattresses with coils are still available for the homeowner on a budget. You can still enjoy that bouncy with other types of sprung mattress. Memory foam is the most popular aid for sleep, though. It supports your body, discouraging you from moving around too much as you sleep.

The design of the bed is important as well. The bed frame is a big part of your bedroom decor and style. Pick one that suits the room, or design the rest of the room to complement the bed. It is the biggest piece of furniture in there, after all. You can find furniture deals that will help you package up all your bedroom furniture and accessories requirements online. This might save you time and help you to budget more carefully.

The Window Dressing
Windows are essential for good sleep. Firstly, they allow you to bring plenty of fresh air into the room every night. Stale air does us no good. Secondly, the light they permit into the room is important for telling our bodies when to wake. Natural daylight triggers hormone changes that energize the brain and alert us to the new day. Equally, a lack of natural daylight will alter the hormone balance to prepare the mind and body for sleep. Did you know that poor sleep can lead to weight gain? Your hormones might have a lot to do with it.

It’s a good idea to install blackout blinds and curtains if you have to work shifts. This stops light getting in that might disturb your sleep. Of course, you might miss your morning cues if you get up in the morning though! The window dressings you choose are the perfect way to inject bold colors into your bedroom.

Many of us shy away from bold colors on the wall. It’s true that busy patterns might be distracting and do little to relax you. But a splash of bold color makes good stylistic and design sense. If you use that color behind your bed, you won’t see it from your bed so that it won’t affect you much. The other colors in the room might be related to that shade but in lighter tones. If you have a cold room, choose warmer tones, and vice versa.

Try to avoid mirrors and pictures in your eyeline as you lay in bed. They can be distracting when you’re trying to fall asleep. However, correctly placed, they can make a bedroom appear more spacious and homely.

Some people love wooden floors in the bedroom. Others would never shy away from carpeting. The choice is yours, and either is fine. However, it’s worth considering your heat source and the temperature you want to maintain throughout the year. If you live in hot climates, a hard floor might be best. If you live in cold areas, then a carpet might be essential to your heating plan. The bedroom should always be a degree or two cooler than the other rooms. This helps you to stay comfortable as you sleep. Our bodies tend to heat up during the sleep cycle.

Keep your bedroom quiet and distraction-free for good quality sleep. Add a high-quality pillow to support your neck, and your bed is ready for you. Sleep well.