Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 Means Big Bonuses on Swagbucks ... Cha-Ching!

Looking for a way to rebuild your finances after the holidays? 

If you haven't tried Swagbucks before, you can get a bonus $3 for signing up as my referral during January. Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing online already, like searching, watching videos, discovering deals, and taking surveys. Then you take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, or PayPal cash. 

When you sign up through me this month, you can earn a $3 bonus! Here's how: 

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That's it. It's super easy, and Swagbucks is for real. I use it myself, and I've earned 111,401 Swagbucks since joining and usually just cash out in PayPal so I can then use the cash to pay for my Hulu subscription, buy Christmas and birthday gifts, and the other day I bought a bunch of Trim Healthy Mama goodies because I just found out I'm prediabetic and I need to drop about 10 pounds to reduce my risk of diabetes. Swagbucks do SO MUCH!

Friday, December 29, 2017

A Parent’s Guide to Swaddling

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby in a blanket to keep her warm, safe, and secure. It helps prevent babies from inadvertently waking themselves up with their startle reflexes and will keep them cozy and comfortable until their internal thermostats activate.

Most babies respond well to swaddling until they turn about 3 months old. Some of them continue to
enjoy being swaddled after that point, but many of them prefer to have their arms and legs free when
they get a little older.

Swaddling provides many benefits, and it’s an easy way to comfort a newborn.

Reduces the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Swaddling reduces the risk of your baby developing SIDS. Most parents know not to put their babies
to sleep on their stomachs, but some babies figure out early how to roll into that position without any
help. Swaddling makes it very difficult for them to flip onto their stomachs which improves sleep safety.

Swaddling also prevents infants from pulling blankets and/or clothing over their faces and covering
their mouths and noses. This also helps decrease the risk of SIDS.

Plays an Important Role in Soothing

Swaddling plays an important role in soothing an infant. If your baby gets upset while you’re swaddling
her, don’t give up. An infant will often get frustrated while she’s being swaddled but will calm down after
you’re done. Go ahead and swaddle, and then add an additional layer of soothing. You could provide a
pacifier, turn on some white noise, or rock a crying baby. The swaddle will help them relax and fall

Improved Sleep Quality

Swaddling improves babies’ quality of sleep. By preventing random arm movements, babies are less
likely to wake themselves. Newborns are notorious for taking short cat naps all day, and swaddling can
help turn a short nap into a longer one. This gives the parents time to rest and helps a baby’s mood
and development.

Swaddling Blankets

When you’re choosing swaddling blankets, pick materials that are breathable. You want to keep your
child warm, but you don’t want her to get overheated.

Muslin is a good material for swaddling blankets. It’s a finely woven, lightweight, breathable material
that parents have been using for many years to keep their babies comfortable and safe. It’s also
durable and will get softer with each wash.

If you decide to shop for muslin wraps online, consider ones made from organic cotton. These blankets
are made without the use of pesticides, which is good for your baby and the environment. There are a
variety of designs to choose from, so you’ll be able to find blankets that suit your personality and that
your child will grow to love.


Parents have been swaddling their babies for centuries. It helps keep them calm and relaxed while
improving their sleep length and quality. Swaddling blankets should be lightweight and breathable to
keep babies from overheating. By swaddling your child, you and your baby will enjoy longer, better
naps, and you’ll be able to relax because you’ll know he’s warm, comfortable, and safe.

Friday, December 22, 2017

4 Tips to Make the Inside of Your Home More Appealing

A lot of freedom comes with owning a home. As a homeowner, you will be able to change your surroundings as much as you want without having to get approval from anyone. Generally, the longer you live in a home, the more changes you will ultimately make. Rather than letting the look of your home’s interior suffer, you will need to find ways to increase its appeal over time. Without a great deal of research and the right supplier, you will struggle to find the right décor and furniture for your home. If you are looking for a way to increase the appeal of your home’s interior, be sure to consider the following factors.

1. Adding New Area Rugs is a Great Idea
If you are looking for a cost-effective way to increase your home’s appeal, then investing in new area rugs is a great idea. The Designer Rugs market is filled with options, which means you should have no problem finding the design you want. Before going out to shop for a rug, you need to give some thought to how big the rug needs to be and what colors you want. Neglecting to have this type of information can lead to a variety of problems. If you are unsure about what you need, then working with a reputable rug supplier is a great idea. These suppliers will have no problem taking the needs you have and then helping you narrow down the selection of rugs they have in stock. Rushing through the selection of a new area rug may lead to you getting the wrong one. Taking your time and weighing all of the options you have is essential and the only way you can get the best rug to fit your home.

2. New Living Room Furniture is Always a Good Idea
Does your existing living room furniture look faded or broken? If so, then it is probably time to start thinking about getting new furniture. While new furniture can be a bit expensive, it is well worth the money due to the increased appeal and comfort it can offer. Going in to get a firsthand look at the furniture options on the market is a good idea. Being able to actually sit on the furniture in question can help you figure out whether or not a particular sofa or loveseat is the right fit. You will also need to search around to see which furniture supplier in your area can offer the best deal on the furniture you want.

3. Installing New Lighting
If a home is looking a bit dark and unappealing, investing in new lighting is always a good idea. When the time comes to get new lighting installed, you will need to call in a local electrician to help you out. They will be able to run the wire and connect the new lighting in a hurry. Investing in lights that are energy-efficient can help you save a lot of money over time. The last thing you want to do is to take on a complicated job like this due to the complexity involved.

4. Putting a New Coat of Paint on the Walls
Another great way to revamp the look and appeal of a home’s exterior is by taking the time to have a new coat of paint applied to the walls. Before getting this work done, you will have to figure out what color paint you want to use. Ideally, you will want to use paint that goes with the existing décor in your home. Hiring a professional painter to do this type of work is a great way to ensure it is done correctly.

The time and money that is put into beautifying the inside of your home will be more than worth it in the long run. New furniture and rugs will help to enhance the beauty your home has with ease. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Brock University

About the University

It’s often said that to take a walk around the campus at Brock University is more than enough to fall in love with the place. The fact that the college offers some of the most outstanding courses and programs in the country simply serving as an added bonus! Consistently rated among the best colleges in Canada, Brock University is a uniquely safe, welcoming and community-focused educational institution. The kind of place the makes you feel at home from the moment you arrive.

With a history dating back more than 50 years, Brock University has continually demonstrated its capacity to mold and shape the leaders of tomorrow. “Small enough to be intimate, big enough to be world-class” – the description Brock’s faculty give the university, which to be frank really does sum up the Brock experience in a nutshell!

Courses and Programs

The complete catalogue of courses, programs and online study opportunities at Brock University is comprehensive to say the least. Along with a growing number of international study opportunities, Brock also has the fifth largest co-op program in Canada. Core subjects are divided across a number of faculties and schools, which include the Goodman School of Business, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.

The list of distance-learning and online study programs is growing all the time at Brock University, opening up a world of incredible educational opportunities to those who cannot commit to on-campus education. Complete information and enrollment advice can be accessed at

Fast Facts and Info

Brock University currently has a total student body of around 18,000, with the college having chalked up more than 85,000 graduations over the years. Having opened its doors in 1964, Brock University has grown and expanded significantly to offer seven faculties, seven residences and almost 600 faculty members controlling operations.

The college is located in one of the most historic and scenic parts of Canada – the Niagara region – right at the heart of St. Catharines. In terms of both overall student satisfaction and graduate employment rate, Brock University consistently outperforms national averages by a wide margin. With such a strong focus on community and enjoyment in general, the Brock University student experience far exceeds that of most regional colleges.

Contact Information

Most key information about the university and the courses on offer can be accessed by heading over to the official website at Alternatively, questions and queries can be taken directly to the college using the following information:

1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines
ON, L2S 3A1 Canada

+1 905-688-5550

eCampus Ontario

Dive into the most outstanding educational opportunities the country has to offer, with a little help from eCampus Ontario. Explore a world of high-quality on-campus and distance-learning opportunities, along with key enrolment information and how to get the most out of student life. Head over to today to find out more.

You Should Never Stop Pushing Yourself!

Many people have a strange habit of assuming that, after a certain point, there's no reason to keep growing
and developing when it comes to their careers. They assume they've learned everything they need to know
and are willing to just kind of coast along, never really pushing themselves forward in any meaningful way.
Well, if you really want to get the most out of your life and your career, that's the worst approach that you
can possibly take. You're never going to be in a position where you shouldn't keep pushing yourself forward
and trying to make some meaningful changes to your life and career. With that in mind, here are some ways
that you can keep growing and improving on a professional level, no matter what stage of life you're at.

Never stop learning

Letter Blocks

There's a strange attitude that many of have when it comes to learning that it's something you only do in the
early stages of your life and once you're an adult you no longer have the chance to do it. Well, that's a ridiculous
attitude because there's never a time in your life when you're not able to keep learning new things. Whether
you want to take night classes to learn a new skill or an MSC business management degree would help you
push your business and career forward, an education is always the best way to develop professionally. The
most important thing that you can learn is that you will never reach a point in your life when you should stop
learning and developing new skills and abilities.

Climb the ladder

Brown Metal Steep Ladder

Far too often, people find themselves assuming that once they've reached a certain point in their careers,
there's no further that they can go. As though they've hit a wall and there's no way that they could ever get
past it. Well, that's not true, and it's crucial that you never get complacent with your position in your career.
Wherever you work, you should always have one eye on the very next step. Ask yourself where you want to
be five years down the line and start working towards that goal. The idea of asking for a promotion at work is
something that makes a lot of people feel pretty anxious. However, if you don't put yourself forward for these
kinds of things, then you're never going to be considered for them. Make yourself visible to your boss and let
them know that you have ambitions beyond where you are right now.

It's easy to find yourself getting complacent in your career. After all, when you've got
everything from family, your home, and a social life to think about, the idea of pushing yourself
professionally might seem less important. And if it's not something that really matters to you, that's okay!
Just make sure that you're happy with what you're doing in your life and that you're not just putting off
doing things that you really want because it's more convenient that way.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Pick the Perfect Exhibition Stand Builder

Contemporary exhibitions represent an incredible opportunity to market your services, connect with potential clients, close sales, and augment your network of contacts; however, it’s important to ensure that you build an effective, eye-catching exhibition stand to garner as much attention as possible. With this notion in mind, it’s in your best interests to partner with a reputable contractor to help you construct a unique, modernised exhibition booth and take your marketing efforts to the next level. This brief guide will help you do exactly that.

Look for a Resourceful, Time-Tested Contractor

The most distinguished exhibition stand contractors feature a client-centric approach and they are able to tout a long-standing track record of first-rate fabrication:

       More than 25 years’ experience with building custom exhibition booths
       Robust in-house staff including designers, carpenters, and assembly specialists.
       Dedicated fabrication facility to provide personalized exhibition solutions, ideally with a workspace of over 3,000 square meters
       Accredited and certified by The ESSA association and The Event Safety Scheme
       Extensive web-based gallery of past works including various R8 stands, tension fabric solutions, colonnade booths, outdoor displays, shell interiors, and contemporary graphic provisions

Ensure a Comprehensive Approach

Regardless of your specific industry or niche, you’ll be able to increase brand recognition and bolster your bottom line with an effective, operational booth; however, with the myriad of distinctive constructs, elements, and technologies available in today’s day and age, it has become increasingly challenging to pinpoint the ideal setup for your next exhibition. However, if you partner with a versatile team of exhibition stand builders, you’ll gain immediate access to a team of qualified professionals who can facilitate everything from the idea and design phase to the actual build and on-site installation.

Thus, your team should be able to source, engineer, and personalise a wide range of provisions, supplies, and tools for your arrangement:

       Vast array of materials for your flooring and fixed elements, including timber, metal, uPVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, and more
       Customisable graphics, signage, and advertising inclusions
       Personalised lighting solutions such as LED backlighting, monopoint illumination, rope lights, and micro-fluorescent bulbs
       High-end POS display units with web connectivity
       Touch-screen implements and computer hubs
       Reusable features with modular capabilities
       Distributable content and bespoke printed materials
       Alternative components per request

The best-rated exhibition contractors will provide a fee-free consultation process through which you can ascertain the ideal setup and all of the associated costs without having to sign any agreements or contracts.

A One-Stop Shop for All of Your Exhibition Necessities

Depending on your company’s scope of operations, suite of services, and product line, it can be difficult to identify everything you need for an upcoming exhibition, which is why it’s so important to hire reputable stand builders in today’s day and age; only the experts can tailor a comprehensive solution for your firm:

       Evaluating stand logistics
       Obtaining intricate exhibition equipment
       Sourcing and installing booth furniture such as coffee machines, fridges, televisions, stools, divans, plinths, reception desks, and bar tables
       Using CNC routing to fabricate custom builds
       Facilitating edge banding production
       Implementing Corian display units
       …and anything else that arises during your consultation

With a top-notch team of exhibition specialists by your side, you’ll be able to confidently push forth into the 21st century of marketing and confidently project the ideal image for your firm, so be sure to bookmark this article and use it as a reference guide when it comes time to make a hiring decision.

5 Methods To Ensure Your Valuables Are Always Safe

Most people amass a significant amount of valuables in their lives, and of course, many are concerned about security, especially with the rise in domestic burglaries. There are many levels of security, which range from hiding something under the mattress to a high security vault that contains millions of dollars’ worth of precious stones or metal, and with that in mind, here are a few ways you can add a level of security to your most valued possessions.

1.      Install a Home Security System – While many homeowners feel this is sufficient, a majority of homes that are broken into actually have some form of security already installed, and with burglars becoming more proficient, unless you don’t really have much of value, a few CCTV cameras is not adequate. You might be thinking your home is well protected, but there are informative articles that highlights the risks of relying on technology to provide home security.

2.      A Safety Deposit Box – This has to be the safest place to keep your valuable documents and possessions, and with a range of sizes available, you can select something suitable, which won’t cost a fortune. There are, for example, a wide range of safety deposit boxes in Sydney that are located in a state of the art facility, and with your own unique key, you are guaranteed that the box cannot be opened unless you are present.

3.      A Concealed Safe at Home – This is slightly more secure that having your home alarmed, but have you ever considered the possibility of fire? The average home safe will not resist fire for more than one hour, and if you have some very valuable assets, it is a risk. Many experienced house breakers have experience with home safes, and you might just be unlucky one day.

4.      Bury your Valuables – There are those who think that, like Captain Cook, burying your treasure is a sure fire way of ensuring it remains hidden, and if anything should happen to you, they will likely remain hidden forever. Obviously, the location would need to be kept secret, and that very fact means there is a risk of the items never being discovered.

5.      Leave them with your Bank – While this might be possible, as some banks do have safety deposit boxes, it can be difficult arranging a time when you can gain access, as banks are very busy as it is, and safety deposit boxes are not really their speciality. Banks can also be expensive, when compared to a security company that specialises in providing safety deposit boxes, and there’s no point in paying any more than you should.

Of all the above options, the safety deposit box is the safest way to ensure your valuable remain safe, and with an online search, you should be able to locate a security company within driving distance from your home, and with affordable rates, you will no longer have that niggling doubt in the back of your mind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Living Together... But Apart: Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner When You Have Kids

It becomes a natural part of having children, feeling like there is no time for anything, except looking
after your little ones. But while your priorities change, some friendships fall by the wayside, and your
calendar becomes overfilled with children's birthday parties, playdates, not to mention the fact that
you have to earn a living around all this, what happens to you and your partner, the root cause of
all this? Most couples end up struggling for any quality time with each other once they have a child.
So how you can every couple address these problems, not just for the sake of a better family unit,
but for their relationship?

Look At What Needs Repairing
Sometimes, it's not the fact that the days are spent cleaning up after the children, and the calendar
is full, but rather, the way in which the couple manages the decision-making process. Remember,
every couple have problems, and this is always going to cause upset or disagreement, but the real
question is if you co-operate and respect each other enough to address certain issues in your
relationship. Because, if you don't, that is why relationships go south. So firstly, look at your situation,
and see if it's not the child getting in the way, but the fact is that you aren't making enough effort with
each other. And if not, why not?

Rekindling The Spark
They say all romance goes out the window when you have a child, especially as the first few
months can mean you finding your feet, and for a lot of people, gradually as time goes on, and it's
more about the fact you have got yourself into a specific pattern. And this pattern revolves around
the so-called essentials, but do you remember why you both fell in love with each other in the first
place? Is what you are doing now, as far as daily duties are concerned, a far cry from what you
used to do before your child came along? Of course, the answer is yes. But the important thing is
that when you have finally hit the nail on the head with this, you can work at rekindling that spark.
It is important for all couples to spend some time together alone, without the child. And yes, the
temptation to sleep is a big one when you are both finally alone, which is why it's important to
schedule time together, not just take advantage of if a spare moment arises. Planning a romantic
evening together can be a very exciting thing, and you can add to the excitement by planning a
full evening together, but also by spicing up the atmosphere and the anticipation beforehand. You
can do this by sending sexy text messages while your partner is in work, discrete flirting, or
anything that you used to do before your little bundle of joy came along. Rekindling the spark,
no matter how infrequent it is, could be the key to saving your relationship. And even better than
that, it will finally relieve the tension between you and your partner, especially if you've both been
suffering in silence because of the lack of time to actually discuss these problems.

Making It A Habit
This is the hardest piece of the puzzle, because time is scarce, and it's not like you can drop your
kids off at their grandparents every weekend. But by making it a habit, albeit one that occurs on a
monthly basis is still important, because it is that important time that you and your partner need to
have together. This is why you need to schedule it in, and block book that day and night together
so you can do the essentials you need to do, whether this is shopping or cleaning, but then you
have the evening to yourselves to actually relax and do things you used to do. Making a habit of
this is very difficult, this cannot be disputed. But in showing willing to make this a habit, this will
do a lot more for your relationship than you will ever know. Lots of arguments occur because of the
practicalities of life, such as the division of labor, and as a result, resentment can ride high, which is
why it's important to make time to sit down and discuss things also. Because if you don't, you will
end up using your free time together to have major discussions about your general anxieties. This
isn't the best idea of quality time with your partner. And as corny as it may sound, it's important to
impose some rules on your quality time together, such as no use of phones, unless it's an emergency,
of course. Phubbing has been discussed as a contributing factor to relationships going sour, and as
tempting as it is to check your phone on a regular basis, at least put it away for a couple of hours!
What you also need to make a habit of is making some quality time with each other every day, even
if it is only for 10 minutes. You can feel like you are passing ships in the night, so even if you speak
to each other on the phone while your partner is in work, maybe just to check in, you can at least
see how you are both doing, and if you are on the same page that day.

Creating A Solid Future
The idea of quality time is something that a lot of us feel escapes us. You might consider quality
time with your partner very difficult thing when you have children, but it's not just about those long
days together, but it's also about the little moments, those moments where you can rekindle what
you once had before life duties. In a way, it can be very easy to place the blame on your parental
duties as a major contribution to your relationship suffering. But if you both want the same thing,
and you both want to create a solid future as a family, it's not just about doing the dishes and
cleaning and the parental tasks, it's about that genuine feeling of care in the household. Remember,
your child will notice, so don't just focus on the idea of quality time, focus on a quality relationship.


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