Friday, December 29, 2017

A Parent’s Guide to Swaddling

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby in a blanket to keep her warm, safe, and secure. It helps prevent babies from inadvertently waking themselves up with their startle reflexes and will keep them cozy and comfortable until their internal thermostats activate.

Most babies respond well to swaddling until they turn about 3 months old. Some of them continue to
enjoy being swaddled after that point, but many of them prefer to have their arms and legs free when
they get a little older.

Swaddling provides many benefits, and it’s an easy way to comfort a newborn.

Reduces the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Swaddling reduces the risk of your baby developing SIDS. Most parents know not to put their babies
to sleep on their stomachs, but some babies figure out early how to roll into that position without any
help. Swaddling makes it very difficult for them to flip onto their stomachs which improves sleep safety.

Swaddling also prevents infants from pulling blankets and/or clothing over their faces and covering
their mouths and noses. This also helps decrease the risk of SIDS.

Plays an Important Role in Soothing

Swaddling plays an important role in soothing an infant. If your baby gets upset while you’re swaddling
her, don’t give up. An infant will often get frustrated while she’s being swaddled but will calm down after
you’re done. Go ahead and swaddle, and then add an additional layer of soothing. You could provide a
pacifier, turn on some white noise, or rock a crying baby. The swaddle will help them relax and fall

Improved Sleep Quality

Swaddling improves babies’ quality of sleep. By preventing random arm movements, babies are less
likely to wake themselves. Newborns are notorious for taking short cat naps all day, and swaddling can
help turn a short nap into a longer one. This gives the parents time to rest and helps a baby’s mood
and development.

Swaddling Blankets

When you’re choosing swaddling blankets, pick materials that are breathable. You want to keep your
child warm, but you don’t want her to get overheated.

Muslin is a good material for swaddling blankets. It’s a finely woven, lightweight, breathable material
that parents have been using for many years to keep their babies comfortable and safe. It’s also
durable and will get softer with each wash.

If you decide to shop for muslin wraps online, consider ones made from organic cotton. These blankets
are made without the use of pesticides, which is good for your baby and the environment. There are a
variety of designs to choose from, so you’ll be able to find blankets that suit your personality and that
your child will grow to love.


Parents have been swaddling their babies for centuries. It helps keep them calm and relaxed while
improving their sleep length and quality. Swaddling blankets should be lightweight and breathable to
keep babies from overheating. By swaddling your child, you and your baby will enjoy longer, better
naps, and you’ll be able to relax because you’ll know he’s warm, comfortable, and safe.

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