Wednesday, December 20, 2017

5 Methods To Ensure Your Valuables Are Always Safe

Most people amass a significant amount of valuables in their lives, and of course, many are concerned about security, especially with the rise in domestic burglaries. There are many levels of security, which range from hiding something under the mattress to a high security vault that contains millions of dollars’ worth of precious stones or metal, and with that in mind, here are a few ways you can add a level of security to your most valued possessions.

1.      Install a Home Security System – While many homeowners feel this is sufficient, a majority of homes that are broken into actually have some form of security already installed, and with burglars becoming more proficient, unless you don’t really have much of value, a few CCTV cameras is not adequate. You might be thinking your home is well protected, but there are informative articles that highlights the risks of relying on technology to provide home security.

2.      A Safety Deposit Box – This has to be the safest place to keep your valuable documents and possessions, and with a range of sizes available, you can select something suitable, which won’t cost a fortune. There are, for example, a wide range of safety deposit boxes in Sydney that are located in a state of the art facility, and with your own unique key, you are guaranteed that the box cannot be opened unless you are present.

3.      A Concealed Safe at Home – This is slightly more secure that having your home alarmed, but have you ever considered the possibility of fire? The average home safe will not resist fire for more than one hour, and if you have some very valuable assets, it is a risk. Many experienced house breakers have experience with home safes, and you might just be unlucky one day.

4.      Bury your Valuables – There are those who think that, like Captain Cook, burying your treasure is a sure fire way of ensuring it remains hidden, and if anything should happen to you, they will likely remain hidden forever. Obviously, the location would need to be kept secret, and that very fact means there is a risk of the items never being discovered.

5.      Leave them with your Bank – While this might be possible, as some banks do have safety deposit boxes, it can be difficult arranging a time when you can gain access, as banks are very busy as it is, and safety deposit boxes are not really their speciality. Banks can also be expensive, when compared to a security company that specialises in providing safety deposit boxes, and there’s no point in paying any more than you should.

Of all the above options, the safety deposit box is the safest way to ensure your valuable remain safe, and with an online search, you should be able to locate a security company within driving distance from your home, and with affordable rates, you will no longer have that niggling doubt in the back of your mind.

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