Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Does A Career In Nursing Really Offer?

More and more people are considering jobs in the medical profession right now. There are plenty of reasons for this. Firstly, access to training and education is now easier and perhaps even more budget-friendly than it used to be. Secondly, there will always be a need for trained medics, nurses, and doctors! Regardless of economy crashes, political upheavals and budget cuts, people need medical attention throughout their lives. And those lives are lasting longer thanks to the people that take the time and energy to pursue a career in that field.

So what does a career in nursing really offer? Well, most people think of nurses in hospitals, but this isn’t the only working environment you might choose. There are medical practices, clinics, doctors offices, and work in the community too. Nursing homes, private nurses, and even children’s center nurses can spend their entire career outside of hospital work. Within the walls of a hospital, the working environment can be enormously varied too.

What about pay? Nurses tend to have degrees, so pay is in line with what you would accept for that level of education. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the benefits package is the pension. It may vary a lot, especially in private clinics or practices. However, hospital work offers the standard tiered program that you might expect.

How does nursing turn into a career? Nurses are often structured in teams, so you can expect a couple of tiers at least in any group. This means, with experience, you can take on more supervisory, leadership, or managerial roles within your team. A Masters in Nursing can lead to you taking on an educator role or becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. There are far more options for progression than you might think!

Why would you want to be a nurse? Aside from the almost guaranteed work placement, there is the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. If you’re naturally caring, and keen to help people, then this type of career sounds ideal. Yes, hours can be long, physically demanding, and emotionally challenging. But there are many other roles that follow a simple 9 to 5 approach too. You can be as ‘front line’ as you want to be.

Nurses are still highly regarded and respected in the community. This can be wonderful but also carries a lot of responsibility. It is possible to enjoy this type of career and still take on all the delights of parenting. Shift work is common but not the only option. You might prefer to work for an agency where you can select contracts that are more in line with the hours that suit you.

You can expect a lot of camaraderie within your nursing team when you qualify. After all, you all have to work together and support each other through the shift. Some shifts might be emotionally draining at times, but each of you will support the other. There is an enormous sense of achievement to experience too, each and every day. Do you think you’re ready to become a nurse?

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