Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Things You Can't Miss on a Trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is teeming with energy. It is a bustling and vibrant place that is thriving in the modern world. For nomads that travel there, there is certainly never a shortage of things to do. It is full of shopping experiences, landmarks and a load of other usual visitor experiences. Except, in Hong Kong these experiences are a lot less ‘touristy’ and far more life enriching than they are in other places. In Hong Kong, these experiences are matched with the most breathtaking of sights. And there are plenty of them to see!

Because there is so much to do and to see you should most certainly make use of a Hong Kong taxi service. And your first stop should be Victoria Peak. If you are only to do one thing during a visit to this part of the world, let it be allowing yourself to take in the famous views afforded by this Peak. It rises an astonishing 1,805 feet above feet, allowing those that stand upon it the chance to see everything that is worth seeing in Hong Kong. There is Hong Kong Island. There is Kowloon (on clear days you can witness its eight mountains). And there is Victoria Harbour. All three are just waiting, and have been waiting a long time, for you to look upon them. To look upon them all you must reach the top of the Peak, and to do so you should take world’s steepest funicular railway, the Peak tram. Whether you go by day or night, you are sure to see something up there that will not leave your memory for a very long time.

But a visit to Hong Kong is not all about lauding over local landmark or site spotting. No, it’s about eating and trying the local delicacies too. And there are a whole host of delicacies to choose from, the most famous of which is Dim Sum. A trip to Hong Kong would be incomplete without a Dim Sum eating experience, and there are plenty of restaurants there that offer it. The most famous, and surprisingly the most cost effective, of the bunch however is Tim Ho Wan. It is known as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant not only in Hong Kong, but in the whole world. So, could really justify not paying a visit to it when it is both so lauded and so cheap?

If you’re devoid of inspiration as to where your travels should next take you, then look no further than Hong Kong. It is a fantastic place to find yourself simply because it is probably a lot different to your own way of life. The customs. The climate. The cuisine. They will all probably be quite alien to you, especially if you come from the Western world. But there is no better place to truly find yourself than in a place that is so different to your home. If you do find yourself homesick, however rest assured Hong Kong has it’s very own Disneyland resort. It is a mixture of both Eastern and Western cultures, so you’ll always be able to find a hint of your home there. So, what are you waiting for? Make Hong Kong your next big adventure!

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