Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Brilliant Ways to Team Building

When you are working together with other people, it is important to adapt team building ways so you can work more effectively. Without having communication and understanding between the people in your group, you cannot have the best of outcomes. Therefore, below are some activities you could choose for team building.

1.   Escape games

Involve yourself in some risky game which has a concern with creative thinking. Escape games will give your mind a greater place to think for ideas. Also, this kind of game will let you decide on things immediately. Working in a team will let you implement decisions quickly.

2.   Coin Logo

This activity needs all coins to be gathered together by each employee. You can share coins with others to create more friendliness. With the help of all coins gathered, your team will have to make a logo which represents them as one group. This kind of a game will enhance communication skills among members of your team.

3.   Picture Pieces Game

This game includes a very complex image which needs to be cut into equal squares in correspondence to the number of people in the group. Each member will be given one square. They will be required to draw an enlarged version of that image. Members are not allowed to view pictures of other employees hence they will not know what they are making as a big picture. Once every square is enlarged, each member is supposed to join them to make one big picture. This helps in problem-solving.

4.   Two truths and one lie

This game is somewhat similar to truth and dare. Each member of the group is required to write three facts about them out of which one should be a lie. After completing, get yourself involved in a ten-minute conversation with every member of the group. Your conversation will be in such a way that other members will guess which fact is a lie about you while you are supposed to convince them that it is the truth. This game increases communication between your group mates.

5.   Sneak a peak

The leader of the group is required to make a 3D model out of building blocks. Once you have completed, show it to your group members. Divide them into groups of 4 members where they are supposed to make the same 3D model in a given time limit without looking at the original piece. One member is allowed to view the original piece for 10 seconds to tell other members how it is made. Each member will go one by one after every minute. This game increases communication skills between members, so they will know how to solve problems when divided into teams.

Involving your members in a team building activity will let you have better communication opportunities. Every representative of the group will know how to go about a situation which includes problem-solving. They will know when to look for help and when to implement their decisions. You may also search for activities on. 

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