Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5 Top Secrets to Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is an important tool for winners and achievers; unfortunately, not so many folks out there know how to stay motivated or even motivate themselves to do anything meaningful. To some, self-motivation is a myth reserved for a ‘special elite’, WRONG! Anyone can be self-motivated, anyone can apply the same principles that highly motivated principle lives by and succeed. Here are 5 secrets that can raise your motivation game, and aid you achieve your life’s goals:

Wake up early
Self-motivated folks make it a point of duty to wake up early every day. One of the greatest indicators of a self-motivated individual is a penchant for starting early; making the decision to wake up early everyday sub-consciously instructs your body to get set for work daily. Waking up early sets your mind in an alert state and allows you to take advantage of opportunities that may come your way. Getting up late is a bad habit that you must change to improve your daily motivation. This amazing quote from Charles Duhigg’s the Power of habit says it all:  "You can’t extinguish a bad habit; you can only change it".

Have a vision for your life
Most people do not have a life’s vision. A life’s vision includes setting goals like; "I want to be the top TV presenter in New York city by the time I am 35"; "I want to have a globally recognized chocolate factory valued at a hundred million dollars by the time I am 50"; "I want to be a popular music star with global following and win 10 Oscars straight"; these are but a few, having goals like this help you have something to always look forward to and focuses your energy so you do not attempt to do everything that comes your way. In addition, you can books that inspire and motivate greatly about having a vision for your life and help you stay focused.

Have daily goals
The best thing you can do for your psyche is to have little goals you seek to achieve every day. Always seek to do something new every day. Look for the opportunity to stretch your limits and set new records. You may decide to learn a new software that can help you become more efficient at your job, you can take up an online course in an area of interest, you can attempt to reduce the time it takes you to complete a particular task daily.

Always be positive
Positive people always get the best from life because they see good in everything. Self-motivated people cannot be beaten down because they see a way when others see despair. They take criticism as an opportunity to get better and move ahead to achieve more. In his book: The power of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale stated that: The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. A lot of people change their outlook on life when they are criticized and they start to become negative about everything.  A positive mind will never give up, it will never relent and does not require the praise of others to achieve.

Be spiritual

One thing you can never underestimate is the power of spiritual influence. Spiritual guidance and counsel daily provide a refreshing motivation and energy to run through every day.

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