Monday, April 23, 2018

School Bus Safety Tips

Here are some of the safety tips to ensure when your child is using the school bus to school every day.

1.         Always walk with your child to the bus stop, wait until the bus arrives and your child gets into it before leaving. Repeat the same procedure every day until you feel like they are comfortable doing it on their own.

2.         Prepare your child early enough to allow enough time to get to the bus stop. Rushing to the bus stop might likely cause injuries when your child falls over.

3.         While walking to the bus stop, don’t let your kids listen to iPods or play video games because they will cause distractions that might lead to serious injuries.

4.         Advise your child not to speak to any strangers around the bus stop or enter into a stranger’s vehicle. If a stranger offers to pick them up, advise your child to run back home immediately.

5.         When the school bus is approaching, the children should stand at least 3 feet away from the curb and approach the bus when it stops completely.

6.         When alighting or boarding the bus, the children should always use the handrails.

7.         If the children drop their personal items when entering or leaving the bus, they should inform the driver first before attempting to pick them. That way, the driver will see the items and become aware of what the child is doing before driving away with the bus.

8.         Inform your child to find a seat immediately when they board a school bus and face forward when the bus is moving. They should also fasten their seatbelts immediately.

9.         Review the rules set aside by the school district and set by the driver with your child to make sure your kid understands and follows them completely.

10.       When choosing a bus company you should use one with a GPS solution that keeps track of the bus. Some nowadays even provide offerings with historical videos, live streaming and up to date GPS as part of their school bus security solution.

11.       When in the bus, the kids should talk calmly instead of screaming or yelling to avoid distracting the driver.

12.       When in the bus the children should not throw things in the bus or out of the windows.

13.       When the bus is moving, the children should be seated and know where to place their arms, feet and hands. Make sure they don’t place their arms or heads out of the window.

14.       The kids should always follow the instructions set by the bus driver

15.       The kids should never alight the bus unless it comes to a complete stop

16.       When picking your children at the bus stop, you should wait on the same side of the street where they alight to prevent them from crossing the street on their own.

17.       The children should be advised not to walk behind the bus since the driver might not see them.

18.       If your child is crossing the street after leaving the bus, they should take 6 steps in front of the bus and make sure the driver can see them. They should only cross when it’s safe.

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