Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is There A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Give Gifts To Your Children?

Of course you want to give your children everything you can possibly give them. You never want them to go without. They are the most special people in your life and you want to shower them with gifts. But wait a minute; is there a right way and a wrong way to give gifts to your children?

Using Reward Charts To Give Gifts For Good Behavior
Using reward charts is one of the best ways to reward your kids for good behavior and give them gifts. This is because there’s no way that a reward chart can be a bribe. You give a sticker to reinforce the behavior you want your child to continue, whether this is brushing their teeth without you asking them, or tidying their room each day. When they have so many stickers for good behaviour, you can potentially treat them. This could be a gift, or even an experience. If you need inspiration, you can find Fingerhut gift ideas on Couponbox. Here are some pointers for using reward charts with your children and getting the most out of them:
  • Make the reward chart look attractive, and display it somewhere you will all see it regularly, such as the kitchen.
  • Only speak in positive terms about the reward chart. Don’t threaten to take stickers away or say things like, ‘you won’t get a sticker if you carry on’.
  • Give them their sticker as soon as they have completed the behaviour you want to reinforce. It gives them an instant high and makes them want to do it again.
  • Consider having a selection of different stickers they can choose from, that you only use for this.
  • Don’t just give physical things. Give experiences too.
  • Consider offering them a choice of two things every time they earn something to stop them from getting bored.


Bribing Your Kids
When it comes to bribing your kids, you need to be really careful. It might make them act how you want them to for a really short amount of time, but soon, they will develop behaviors that you no doubt don’t like. They will come to learn that by acting out, they can get you to offer them things in return for them acting the way they should be acting anyway. They may even develop a sense of entitlement, which can stay with them through their later years, and lead to them misbehaving in school. Bribing is effectively giving your child a reward before they’ve even done what you’d like them to do. Avoid this at all costs!

Giving Your Children Gifts For No Reason
Occasionally, you may want to treat your children for no reason. In cases like this, don’t forget about great gifts like books, crafting equipment, and other amazing educational tools. They don’t always have to have the latest gadgets. Remember, the fewer toys they have, the more they will use their imaginations and get joy from creating things.

Leave your thoughts on giving gifts to your children and rewarding them below. Thanks for reading!

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