Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year, New Home? How To Bring Your Personality To A Brand New Home

If you have just moved into somewhere new, it is a pretty exciting time. You have a new space and canvas to create the home that you want. So once the dust has settled and you’ve unpacked your belongings, you can start putting your stamp on the place. You don’t want it to look just like it did when you first moved in. But where do you start when there is a whole house to start personalizing? Here are some ideas, both big and small, so that you can start to put your stamp on the home.


Get a New Front Door

The first thing that anyone sees when they see the house is the front door. So if you want to make your new home look a little different, then why not start with a new front door? If you have the means to buy a brand new one, then that could be the best route to go down. But if not, you could simple paint the door a different color. You could even get some new home additions like a new knocker, handle or number if you want to put your mark on things.

Hang Photos on the Wall

There is no better way to personalize a home than with photos that are personal to you. Any sign of the previous owners will be gone when you family’s face is all over the wall. You could also think about wall art that means something to you, or paint a few pieces yourself if you’re creative. Nothing more personal that that!


Change the Faucets

The kitchen and bathroom might be fine as they are. Plus, they can be expensive to replace right away. So you could just make changes to the faucets. Choosing something that is more your style, whether that be classic or elegant, will make more of a difference in those rooms than you would think. Then if the rest of the kitchen and bathroom need to be changed at a later date, you can work around what you’ve already got.

Use Accent Walls

You might have moved into a home that is pretty neutral. It might have been one of the big selling points for you. But in order to put your stamp on the home, you could paint some accent walls in different rooms. It is simple because it doesn’t need you to paint the whole room, as it’s just adding a pop of color on one wall. A small tin of paint isn’t very expensive either. So it could be something that you do shortly after moving in when you’re craving a bit of personality in the room.


Get a New Rug

If the flooring doesn’t need to be replaced, then you could just add come color or personality with rugs. It breaks up the floor a little and can make the whole room look a little different. So grab a few, large or small, and get creative on your floors! They work for all budgets too as you can just get the ones you can afford.

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