Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More Than Meets The Eye; Incredible Abilities You Can Learn And Master

If you can open your mind and forget about some of your previous conceptions, you might find that life has a wealth of possibilities and ways that you can better yourself. We’re not talking about the typical ways to improve who you are and what you can do either. These concepts are slightly more mystical and magical than learning a second language. Instead, let’s look at things like learning how to boost your psychic power, meditation, lucid dreaming and even OOBE. Believe it or not, these phenomenon can be learned and be better understood if you take the time to research. Let’s start off with the simple possibilities and move forward towards deeper mysteries of the mind.

Lucid Dreaming

You might find that you have already managed to lucid dream at one point or another. But before we explain what it is let’s think about dreams and sleep. First, it’s important to realize that whenever you go to sleep, you dream. You just don’t always remember what you dreamt about when you wake up. Second, nightmares tend to become less common as we get older as do remembered dreams. This suggests that they are related to both our insecurities and our subconscious desires. Third, dreams often are said to mean the opposite because they take place in our subconscious thought. So, blood might mean passion or even love. This is why you shouldn’t start panicking that you’re a psychopath if you keep dreaming about murder.

The first step in lucid dreaming is to train your memory. You can only understand your dreams if you can remember them. To do this, when you wake up spend ten or twenty minutes trying to recall your dream. If you have a clear idea of what happened, write it down. Eventually, you will find you remember the dreams more regularly. The first thought you have in the day is probably due to what you dreamed about, even if you can’t remember. By exploring that though it might trigger a memory.

Lucid dreaming is about taking control of your dreams. You will then be able to decide what happens in them and what you do. The dream will also become clear and easy to understand. To lucid dream, you just have to know that you are asleep when you’re dreaming. Once you do this, you will suddenly be in control. You can change the dream, and you can change what you do. You can fly across the world with a little practice, and the best part is you’ll remember everything.

Psychic Power

Psychic power can be about seeing the future, people’s auras or even knowing what someone is thinking. Some people will tell you that psychic power is something you're born with. However, there are many others who claim it’s art or skill that can be developed.

One of the ways to train your psychic power is through meditation. Meditation does seem to alter the brain in fascinating ways. In fact, researchers studied the MRIs of Tibetan Monks. They found that through meditation these monks changed their brain waves and the structure of their brain. It allowed them to create more powerful gamma waves which in turn has been linked to the idea of psychic ability. Belief is also important when thinking about how to develop psychic abilities. You need to make sure that you believe what you are seeing and stand by your beliefs. If you do this and learn to be more empathetic, believers claim you will see your psychic power increase.


Out of body experiences. Depending on what you believe, they are either a trick of the mind or your ‘soul’ leaving the body. People who believe in OOBE claim that the falling sensation some people get before waking up is their soul slipping back inside their body. If you have a look online, you’ll find quite a few groups who believe this is something you can train your body to do when you’re asleep. The advice is simple. You need to lie still in bed until your body goes to sleep while your mind stays awake. This may mean that your eyes remain open and it can cause hallucinations. As you pass through REM, the line between reality and a ‘dream state’ will be blurred. At this point, you need to relax, and as you do, you might find your soul slips free from your body. Many people claim there is a line that connects your soul to your body that you can see in this state. That line can not be broken and will always lead you back no matter how far you travel.

The sensation of OOBE is supposedly a lot like lucid dreaming. It had led some people to suggest they are the same thing. The difference, however, is that people claim you can prove OOBE. You can get someone to place something in a location in your house downstairs. When you are upstairs, try OOBE. Go downstairs and look for the object. Once you see it, return to your body and wake up. If you knew what object they placed and where it was, you would have successfully proved OOBE. Some people even believe an OOBE has been recorded.

Are you interested in trying to learn some of these abilities? You can find plenty more information online.

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