Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Aging Is A Fact Of Life: No Turning Back The Clock, But You Can Slow It Down

We all get older, and as we do we get used to the fact that our bodies are not as forgiving as they once might have been. For one reason or another, when we try to do things we easily could at eighteen, a body in its thirties struggles.

Maybe it is because of the accumulation of stresses and strains through our younger years. In some ways, it definitely has to do with the body tapering off and stopping production of different hormones. Whatever the cause, we know that with age, we'll lose some things.

Which is why there is never any shortage of advertisements and articles talking about ways to "reverse the aging process." Just stop and think about that for a moment. If such a thing was possible, couldn't you take it at 21 and go back to being 18 - and then stay there?

You can't reverse the aging process. That's not how cell biology works. But that doesn't mean that you abandon all idea of ever feeling better, healthier, dare I say younger than you do right now.

"Wait, But Didn't You Say...?"

Yes, you can't reverse the aging process. You can't BE younger than you are right now. You can feel it, though. As long as you do the right things, you can nourish the body in ways that it needs to feel fitter and stronger. And before too long, a 50-year-old can start to feel better than they have felt since they were about 40.

"What Happens To Us As We Age?"

The aging process as we know it happens when the body stops, or slows, production of vital hormones and proteins. Production of collagen and elastin is what allows our skin to look youthful. As we stop producing it, we start to look older.

Along with growth hormone, these are some of the products our body stops creating and, as a result, we lose our youthful looks and functions. If we can make our skin and bones healthier, then we can look and feel younger, up to a point. This is where it is beneficial to read AlgaeCal testimonials and find out more about supplements that can help.

"Oh. Will We Ever Be Able To Reverse The Process?"

The key to answering that question is in defining what constitutes reversal. We will probably never be in a place to turn the clock back from old age to middle-age. We most likely wouldn't want to do that anyway. Imagine going through puberty again. Backwards.

What we may be able to do - and scientists estimate it may be possible by the middle of the next decade - is reverse some of the aspects of the process. Tests already carried out on mice show that we may be able to look younger, heal as fast as we used to, have straighter spines and more. Just bear in mind before you get too excited that you're definitely going to be about ten years older by the time it's possible. In the meantime, better habits will be your friends.

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