Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Working From Home Harder Work Than You Expected? Make Sure You're Doing It Right!

Working from home is a dream. Who doesn’t like the idea of not going to the office? Though home working is the ideal, it has its challengers. It’s important you keep a work space aside so you know when it’s time to work each day! The process of arriving at your desk is a mental signifier that it’s time to start work. We may all dream of keeping our pajamas on and stumbling to the computer. In reality, that would hinder your progress! Working from home doesn’t mean you should stop putting the effort in. In fact, you should put in more effort! All the responsibility falls on your shoulders. If you’re struggling to get the balance, you’ve come to the right place. Half the battle is getting a workspace that works for you, and we’ve got some top tips on how to achieve it!


Get on top of organization as soon as possible. This is important for many reasons. For one, it allows you to keep track of everything. On a deeper level, it will help your productivity. If your desk is buried under a pile of papers, you won’t do your best work. Keep your office professional by investing in filing cabinets. Think, too, about a desk with drawers. That way, you can keep things close to hand if you need them. Working from home won’t work for you if you don’t turn your attention to these details.


One of the major struggles to working from home is distraction. These distractions can come from yourself, or other people. Keep your office as free of distraction as possible. Though many of us keep books in our offices, that might not be the best idea! Try, too, to limit the time you spend browsing the internet. If you can get away with not using the internet, install a program that blocks your connection. Make sure, too, that other people understand not to distract you. There’s nothing worse than interruption when you're in the swing of things. People often fail to realize you have work to do, even though you’re home. Set clear limits! Put a ‘busy’ sign on the door if you must.


You wouldn’t expect to work in a boiling hot office, would you? No. You should do yourself the same courtesy! Make sure the temperature in your office stays at the right level. If you’re too hot or cold, you won’t be able to think straight! Use services from Advantage Air and other such companies to make sure your air-con is up and running at all times!


It’s important you only use your workspace during working hours. Using the space at other times could confuse your routine. Not to mention that it’ll make you feel like you’re at work all the time. You wouldn’t spend your evenings on the office computers, would you? No! So don’t do it in your home office, either!