Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How To Prepare Your Home For Summer

It only seems like it was yesterday when we were moaning about the scorching summer heat and the fact that no amount of deodorant would mask those unwanted sweat patches. Winter is in full swing (yuck) and the days of walking around in just shorts and a t-shirt are long gone.

Summer is wonderful for so many reasons and I must admit, it’s definitely my favorite season. I’d take battling away the flies during a summer BBQ than battling the ice on my car any day of the week and there are ways to tackle all the “not so great” parts about summer.

Here I’ve put together a little guide on how to sail through summer next year. If you start preparing now while it’s still cold, you’ll be all set by the time the heat hits and therefore it won’t be a problem!

1. You need to say your sweet goodbyes to winter

It may have been a great season for you, or it may have been a case of counting down the days until it cleared off, but either way you’ll need to change a few things around the house to prepare for summer. Anything that emits heat needs to go! Things that help insulate the home also need to make a quick departure, such as draperies, thick blankets and heavy rugs. Put the candles away for next year and brighten things up with some fresh flowers instead.

2. Make sure your house is air conditioned

Now, you might be blinking at the screen thinking “is she serious? That costs a bomb!” But it doesn’t have to. There are cheap, affordable cooling systems that you can buy and run on a budget. If you’re not sure where to get them then try Harster Heating.

3. It’s party season

Luckily you’re able to leave the house past 7 pm without going into a meltdown over having to navigate the icy roads. It’s just no fun, is it? That also means that your friends will be more than happy to come over for the evening to enjoy some delicious cocktails and a fancy spread once the kids are in bed. Give your house a good clean so that you’re not embarrassed at your guests finding dust bunnies all over the place.

4. Invite the light in

During the cold months there wasn’t really any need to have curtains or blinds open as by the time everyone is back in the house after being at work or school, the light had long gone anyway! But once summer is back in your life, you’ll sigh a breath of relief at being able to relax with a book without having to turn the lights on. Make sure you clean your windows properly (it’s probably best to do this once it’s warmed up a bit though) by using a mixture of half water, half vinegar and a nice clean cloth.

5. Brighten the decor up a little too

Warm tones and dark decor is exactly what you want in the winter. Having the fire on, flickering in a dark room whilst you enjoy a glass of red or two is essentially what winter is about, but it all changes once the sun is back in our lives. Get your old shabby clothes on and repaint the house. A new lick of paint on the walls will help rejuvenate your home and while you’re using a new pot of paint, redo any garden furniture such as benches, swings and tables.

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