Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Staying Cool: Everything You Need To Know This Summer

With the summer weather in full swing, you want to know that you are ready for the heat. There are plenty of things you can do to prepare for the hotter temperatures, including summer-proofing your home. After all, there is nothing worse than sweltering away.


Get rid of winter bedding

Blankets and throws look great on the bed, but in the summer you want as few layers as possible when you’re trying to sleep. Also, consider changing your duvet. Most duvets have tog ratings for warmth, so obviously you want a much lighter one in the summer. You can also alter the material of the bedding that you use. Think of materials such as linen and cotton for cooling comfort.

Use a gel mattress topper

If you haven’t heard of this before, then it could be your summer savior. If you get hot when you sleep, then a gel mattress topper is a must for your bed. It will add comfort to your bed, as well as rejuvenate your mattress.

Make sure you air conditioning is working properly

Don’t run the risk of your air conditioning breaking down in the summer months. Regular maintenance can help prevent any problems and save you from suffering a breakdown. However, should the worst happen, and it does malfunction during the hottest time, then call out a One Hour AC repair company to get your system back on track.

Keep your curtains/shutters closed

Ok, so this isn’t pleasant if you’re at home during the day. However, closing your curtains or shutters is a great way of keeping your home cool. It stops the sunlight and heat from getting in, providing a lovely, cool environment to enjoy later in the day.

Turn off electrical items

This might seem like strange advice, but all electrical items give off heat. So, if you are suffering in the heat, having lightbulbs and the TV on can be contributing to the temperature of the room collectively.

Open your windows at night

If you are suffering from the heat at bedtime, open your windows to let a breeze in. The temperature can often drop enough at night to provide some relief. It can also help to place fans next to the window to help create a wind-tunnel effect. Just remember to close the windows in a morning before the hot temperatures start to heat the room back up.

Set ceiling fans anti-clockwise

Did you know that ceiling fans need to be changed every season? In the summer, it needs to be going anti-clockwise and a higher speed. This allows the fan’s airflow to create a wind-chill breeze effect, meaning you will feel much cooler.

Have a lukewarm shower

If all else fails, then take a lukewarm shower. You might think that taking a cold shower would be better, but that can shock your body into preserving more heat. A tepid shower will bring your body temperature down meaning you’ll feel more refreshed.

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