Thursday, December 15, 2016

3 Problems All Parents Can Relate To

Being a parent isn’t all fun and games. There are times when your kids can cause a few problems here and there. Today, I’ve got three parenting problems I’m sure all of you can relate to:

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Fussy Eaters

Anyone with more than one child will tell you that life can be difficult when dinnertime comes around. With every child you have comes an increase in the likelihood that they’ll have different tastes to their siblings. So, when it’s time to eat, you’re left trying to satisfy everyone’s fussy appetites. One of your children hates one thing, but the other likes it and hates a different thing. I can all get extremely confusing and the only way to sort things out is by making different meals for everyone. So, dinnertime becomes a massive chore when it should be something that only takes half an hour or so to get through. Things are made even worse when kids get older and start following trends, I’m sure most of you will deal with a child that goes through a vegetarian or vegan stage at some point when they live with you.

Kids Losing Their Keys

If you have younger children, then this won’t be a problem for you right now. However, you better believe it starts to become an issue when your children are old enough to be trusted with their very own pair of house keys. Now, they can let themselves into your house if you’re still at work or run errands and they’ve come back from school. It’s a big moment for every child, as they feel responsible for the first time. But, they will undoubtedly lose their keys a fair few times over the years. This is a pain for us parents as we now have to go through the effort of finding a locksmith to get them a new pair of keys. We threaten that we’ll take this pair away if they lose them, but we know we can’t. They need their keys, so, we just have to put up with them losing theirs all the time.

The Morning Rush

Ah yes, the morning rush, a staple of modern day parenthood and something no mother or father looks forward to. As soon as your children start going to school, life becomes incredibly hectic in the mornings. You’ve now got to make sure everyone wakes up, gets dressed, eats breakfast, and is out the door with enough time to make it to school. Plus, if you’re working too, you need to do all of this while getting yourself ready! All in all, the mornings are a massive rush for every parent that has to take their kids to school. It’s slightly better if you live within walking distance of the school, for those that need to drive a fair bit then the morning rush is even worse!

We all know that parenting can be extremely hard and there are lots of other problems just like these. However, we wouldn’t change it for the world as learning to get through these problems helps make us stronger.

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