Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun And Educational Home Activities To Keep The Kids Amused

When you have five kids at home like me, it's pretty challenging and expensive to go out all the time. That's why it's vital to do some fun activities with the kids at home as well. Activities at home are memorable and fun too. Read on for some great ideas on how to keep your little ones amused and out of mischief :-)

Peer-led teaching

The first activity is fun for the older kids, and the younger ones alike is a peer-led teaching exercise. That mean that the kids teach each other. There is no better way to learn something thoroughly, than having to explain it to someone else. So not only does the child being taught get the benefit, the one doing the teaching does too.

You can do this on any subject that you fancy. It might be better to assign topics so there is no arguing or the little ones don't end up picking something they already know lots about. Then you can be sure that they are using their trading and research skills. Good examples of how this can play out include asking the kids to find out five facts about a topic, or how something like a vacuum or a light bulb works.

You can get them to present their findings verbally, in pictures which they explain or even in a song or video format. Use whatever catches their enthusiasm. Then those that are listening can score the presenter on their facts, presentation style and question answering.


Another great activity for the whole family is a quiz. There are a few ways of doing this depending on how much time you have. The first is to download a ready-made quiz with answers from the internet.


The second is to come up with your own questions and answers. You can theme these around a certain topic, which works well for assessing their learning. Or you can make them about particular holidays like Christmas and Easter.

The last way of creating a quiz is to split the kids into two teams and get them to research and write a quiz for the other team. This is a magnificent way of getting the maximum amount of time and entertainment from one activity. To really up the ante you should offer trophies and awards to the winners. This will help to motivate the kids to do well and help them get into the spirit of friendly competition.

The catalog project

An incredibly fun and practical task that you can do with the kids is budgeting using a catalog. The idea is that you set them a scenario, like moving house or redecorating their bedroom. Then you get them to search through a catalog to find all the things they would like and need.

They then cut these out and stick them on a piece of paper with the price underneath. The aim of the game is to not go over the budget you have set them. Its teaches them all sorts of skills like budgeting, selecting and weighing up pros and cons. It also helps them to get to grips with the real value of money, which can be tough for children.

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