Friday, August 19, 2016

Quick Ways To Get Cash Without Borrowing

Life somehow manages to throw us a curveball when we least expect it. And that curveball often throws us off balance in a big way! A broken-down appliance, a big utility bill, or even getting sick will drain our financial resources in a second. But if you don’t have enough to cover an essential cost, you may find you need to borrow some money to get you through the tough times.

You might not need to borrow. Those of us with a bad credit rating would find it difficult to find an affordable loan in a hurry anyway. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that may suit you better. The first is to find the solution to some quick cash in your own home. Start by sorting through items you never use. This unwanted clutter can be sold to raise the cash you need. It might include unworn clothes, LPs, or even gadgets. You can learn more from Cards2Cash about how to raise some much-needed funds from unused store gift cards too.

It’s best not to sell anything that holds sentimental value. You simply can’t put a price on that. Jewelry may offer a lot of cash, but you may never get the piece back. Instead, you could put your art and craft skills to good use. Selling your own hand-made accessories and jewelry could raise much-needed cash. Of course, you may need to factor in the time it takes to make them.

Could you live without your car? Most of us can comfortably walk a distance of 2 miles in about half an hour. If there are public transport routes that serve your commute, or you have a bicycle, why not sell your car? Cars cost a fortune in parking, maintenance and fuel. Not only could you raise some cash in a hurry but you may be able to save ongoing too.

If you have the time, and there’s one available, a second job could be ideal. Pick something that pays weekly so you can get your first paycheck in hand quickly. Alternatively, you may be able to ask your boss for a pay advance. This may leave you short for the rest of the month, though. Be sure you can afford to pay your bill this way. Why not offer to do some odd jobs around your neighborhood? A little cash here and there can soon add up.

Selling your hair or blood plasma is another option you might be interested in pursuing. Of course, this can feel quite invasive if you’re not entirely comfortable with these options. Taking back recently purchased items like gadgets, appliances and unworn clothing could help bring in some cash in a hurry too. Refunds are sometimes refused so check your terms of sale first. Did you know that metal is a valuable commodity? If you have anything ready for the scrap heap, try to sell it at the scrapyard first.

Earning or selling are the easiest ways to raise much-needed funds in a hurry. Borrowing can be expensive and unpleasant. How have you raised cash in the past?