Friday, August 19, 2016

Outdoor Spaces: Why Summer In A House Beats Apartment Living

In the eternal battle of what is best - simple apartment living or having a house - there are so many differing viewpoints. Those of us who favor an apartment point out that it's more self contained. You're more insulated from the outside. And if you live in a high-rise, you're way above all the noise. Meanwhile, Team House will point out that they don't share a mailbox and their sitting room isn't up some stairs.
Pressing home their advantage, House people will point out that they have gardens. Feeling they've spotted a glaring error, Apartmenters will say "Good! I don't want to have to weed, plant, water and mow. I win!". And if you're a House person, you might momentarily agree. Until you reach into your bag and pull out the winning card. "Summer", you say with a grin. And you have won. Summer in an apartment sucks. In a house with an outdoor space, it's wonderful.

Social Life: Garden Parties Make Summer Worth It All
If you've hosted an event in an enclosed space in summer, you'll know how quickly a party can become a hellscape. A lot of bodies close together means body heat. An enclosed space means it accumulates. C&C Music Factory may have announced they were "gonna make you sweat", but they should have admitted that's not a good thing. Take the party outside, however, and as the sun goes down it gets cooler. You can party for longer if you aren't dehydrated.
Relaxation: Better If You're Not In A Big Glass Box
We all like to take time in the summer to just sit and enjoy the sun. In an apartment you can throw the windows open and maybe let a breeze in. Then you realise it's just recycling warm air, and your apartment still feels like a furnace. Meanwhile, in the garden, you could be reclining in a chair reading a good book with a glass of something cold next to you. With a parasol, you can even get a bit of shade.
Working: Fresh Air Makes Everything Better, Even Work
Being hunched over a laptop in the summer, you start to think unreasonable things. Like "my grandparents worked twelve hours a day in a factory, but I bet they were never this uncomfortable". Yes, we've all been there. We're wrong, but the heat does things to people. Take your laptop out on to the porch, and with help from The Rocking Chair Company you can enjoy the breeze and shade. If you're in an apartment? No porch, no fun.

Sure, sometimes the garden will feel like it's the source of more stress than it's worth. Having an outdoor space can mean more tidying to do, as people's litter has a way of finding you. But in the summer months, sitting rocking outside or welcoming friends for a party, you'll be glad you have it. With the right furniture and accessories, getting out of the house in summer can be bliss. And it doesn't mean you have to lose the comforts and convenience of home.

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