Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to shop for clothes, food and bed sheets which seem expensive after your baby arrives

My husband and our fourth child, Eva
Please enjoy another guest post today while I plan more posts for this month, including more runs/walks in Kansas City, my maiden voyage to IKEA with 7 kids and more random summer fun!

Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. The joy that your baby can give you is incomparable; you can’t attain it any other way. The babies are so tiny and cute and dependable, all you want is to protect them from everything in the world.

However, once you get down from the high of joy, you start realizing something is wrong with your budget. And upon close observation, the revelations were pretty surprising for me.

So, all the new parents out there, let me warn you about the increase in your budget that comes with the baby and mind you, it has nothing to do with the regular baby expenses.

Let’s unveil the truth about the things that you might want to spend on after the baby;

1.    The new clothes for the mother

After delivery, neither your body will be as huge as it was during the pregnancy nor it will switch to it before pregnancy condition immediately. So you need new clothes that can fit your post pregnancy body. Also, you will be feeding the baby so you require convenient clothes.

After the baby, you are expected to attend a celebratory party or two so of course, you have to shop something fancy for that. In the end, you have to fill your wardrobe with plenty of clothes and it is going to cost money.

2.    Takeout food was a routine

Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job. If it’s your first baby, you will find it even more challenging to take care of him or her. It will be common for you to seek professional assistance for your other jobs. Get ready to eat takeout food more than ever since most of the days you won’t have time to cook.

3.    Housecleaning service

Housecleaning service will be on your speed dial since you will need them to cater your house as you are busy with the baby. Again, housecleaning will be an addition to your budget every month.

4.    Uber is the only mode of transportation

Uber seems like the only public mode of transportation as it is really hard to travel any other way. There will be a huge baby bag, baby carry cot, and the baby so you can see why Uber seems the right option. Also, Uber cost more than subway trains.

5.    More bed sheet sets for the room

Since the baby will spend a lot of time in your bedroom and on your bed and they like to create mess everywhere. You will find yourself changing the bed sheets more often than you used to. And that will start showing soon in your budget as you will buy more bed sheet sets.

I was lucky enough since I knew about to buy online bed sheet sets in Australia. Although purchasing extra bed sheet sets dented the budget a bit, I got a great deal from this online shop on bed sheet sets.

6.    Netflix subscription is a must

Your baby will keep you up during nights and Netflix will serve as the best companion during those dull and long nights. If you depended on a friend’s account to view Netflix, you might want to get your own subscription now as you can't bear the sudden change in password.