Monday, June 20, 2016

#FirstDayOfSummer 2016

So here is my First Day of Summer in a few words.

A couple of kids had a water balloon fight

Pork loin in slow cooker (thanks, Lisa!)

Lightning fast mammogram

School lunch with 6 kids

Pool with 7 kids

Take and pick up daughter to/from sewing class because I'm a sewing moron and she wanted to make a dress and it's my job to "make it work"

Massive payment on 12-passenger van where I sent the little canister and told the lady working there, "I'm making a payment on YOUR van."

May have fallen asleep in teen's bed for 10 minutes after lecturing other teen

Starbucks (thanks, Mom!) for a mocha frappuccino light

Giggle thinking of prayer time last night and my husband saying "And then?" after every single thing my kids said (see the movie Dude, Where's My Car? drive-through scene)

Tower of recycling

That's pretty much how the whole summer is going. How is your first day of summer?

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