Monday, June 20, 2016

Whole Foods Grocery Store as Relaxation and Goji Berries

I didn't set out to buy soy milk from Whole Foods the other night. It was an accident.

Aron had been out of town all week and I was stressed when he got home. I was trying to eat better but REALLY wanted to run for the nearest Sheridan's for a nasty treat. But I also want to lose weight and feel better.

So I escaped to Whole Foods, where I never shop. I usually shop at Aldi because it's cheap and Price Chopper when I need produce and some other stuff Aldi doesn't carry.

I never shop at Whole Foods because it's like a foreign country to me. That's why it was the PERFECT idea of a place to go when I was stressed and needed to calm down.

The place SMELLS good, first of all. And most everyone there is all calm and cool. And they have all kinds of stuff I've never heard of in my life. Tresa brought over some chocolate-covered Goji berries from there the other day, so I had to grab those. She said they're like chocolate-covered vitamins!

Next time you're stressed, don't go where you'd normally go (to the cigarettes or booze or Valium or McDonald's or bubble bath). Try something new!

*Originally posted 2/3/2010

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