Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Babies Need a Bassinet, Some Bedding, Clothing, a Full Tummy & Love

Please enjoy this guest post today while I am busy packing up my house to put things in storage while we continue our house hunt and work on preparing our home to move! We are moving because our family grew so quickly and they are getting bigger and bigger, so today's post about what babies need is pretty fitting!

Babies need a bassinet, some baby bedding, clothes, a full tummy and love

There is a thing about newborn babies ... their parents think that they are going to have the most wonderful and unique child in the world. Most parents-to-be act as if they are going to welcome the king or the queen of the world.

So, as per this assumption, their prep always goes overboard. Because in their minds they are preparing for the king/queen so everything has to be top notch, there have to be at least two or three backup options, and everything in the market for the baby must be bought and brought to the nursery.
Not to be a downer or a spoiler ... your enthusiasm is absolutely right and your baby is actually the king/queen of the world in your eyes, but make sure your rational self is somewhere breathing in all this baby excitement and hype.

Your best guidance comes from the people around you who have been down the same road of parenting recently. So when they tell you there is no sleeping after the baby, they are absolutely right. Also, you should ask them about their baby equipment shopping experience. 

Too Many Baby Bedding Options

Here’s another funny story: new parents buy a bassinet, a crib and a co-sleeper for their newborn. Three beds for a tiny human being. Although it should be sensible since all babies do is sleep all day, three beds are too much.

Of course, three beds will translate into countless amounts of baby bedding. Even if you have bought the baby bedding online in Australia on discount from, your budget will be exceeded tremendously. One of the other places where you can have a look at baby bedding can be IZZZ, which also contains a good collection of online baby bedding in Australia.

Did you catch the cycle here? You bought three beds and the subsequent expenses increased. So by buying extra, you are increasing your future expenses too.

Too Many Gadgets

Browse any online store for newborn goods or go to any shop for baby stuff and you will be bombarded with plenty of gadgets that will be promising a different and new thing.

There will be bouncers, baby monitors, baby cry detectors, baby’s milk temperature checker, poop advisor, and what not. Everything related to your baby has turned into a marketing gig for many brands out there.

Interestingly, the thing about gadgets for baby is that they are very cute and welcoming; you simply want to buy them at first glance. However, when tempted, call your rational self and ask if your baby will truly need it and make a purchasing decision based on an honest answer.

Too Many Clothes

Your baby will grow quickly. So all the zero-size clothes you have bought for him or her will not be used. They will stay brand new. The simple rule is to buy enough clothes for one or two months and then go shopping again and buy new clothes as the baby grows. Don't forget you will also probably get many new clothes as gifts.

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