Friday, March 20, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 6: Johnson Space Center, Annie & Rude People

We started the day by ... doing a lot of hanging out. Some homeschooling and then I did the final proofing of my ebook to turn it into a print book and off it went.

We hit the Taco Cabana on the way for some lunch!

Then it was time for .... DUN DUN DUN ... drumroll, please .... The Johnson Space Center
(see post there by clicking on the words). I balked at spending $107 for the 6 of us to go but my mom said we had to go because it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing and it's RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD! They have long hours and it turns out it was the BEST THING EVER. We were there about 3-7 p.m.

There was a big play area for kids with a slide. We watched a cool short movie montage thing about our space program from the beginning and I freaking teared up when the Challenger blew up. I geeked out over a 3D magnet and a keychain with little charms of Texas, Houston, a rocketship an astronaut and the NASA sign and we got a T-shirt for Aron/Daddy/Mr. Kerrie. And what is it with kids always wanting to buy ROCKS at gift shops? Yeah, I was the same when I was a kid!

I'm going to have you go over HERE for all the pictures because there are a lot.

Also, please see yourself HERE for my piece asking if we even need a space program. Opinions needed and welcome.

The rest of the evening was spent with me trying to track down the movie Annie at a Redbox that DID NOT EXIST (it was a field!), getting dinner at Subway and then tracking down another Redbox down the road, driving through traffic slow as molasses anytime of day or night. Post on traffic to come. Found a Redbox at a CVS, thanks to the iPhone, and turned too soon, so I went in the WRONG WAY to a bagel place (closed, thank you) and parked in the outgoing drive-thru spot to run over and get my danged Redbox.

So check this out.

I get back to the hotel to feed my peeps after hunting dinner. On the way to the pool I see the movie room is occupado and I ask if they want to watch Annie with us, could we come in in a bit and do so? And I knew they could say no because it's first come first served. Got it. But they said OKAY.

So we got back later to watch Annie and it's like 8:45 and we are going to watch the movie and go to bed at our normal, traveling-with-Daddy EARLYish time.

That little family sat there watching something on ABCFamily that they could have watched snuggled up in their bed all comfy. They sat there until 10 p.m., knowing we had Annie and saying they wanted to finish MATILDA.

Rude. Don't tell me YES then do what you want anyway. I'd rather hear NO honestly and then watch Annie another time.

We tried to watch the movie in our room but the living rooms here are too small and we could not all even fit. So at 10 p.m., when we normally are going to bed, we went down to the movie room as the Rudes were leaving and so we got to bed at like midnight.

See ya back here for Day 7 ... Saturday ... Daddy will be off work so we'll see what we are up to!