Saturday, March 21, 2015

#Houston Day 7: Chillin' Out in the Rain and the Spongebob Movie

Saturday was for sure just a hanging out day, which everyone needs from time to time!

Joel and Callie doing some morning hot tub chillin' followed by the kids swimming in the rain with hotel friends

I supervised from my perch under a poolside patio.

Checking out my potential office in my current outdoor office in Houston ;-) This is a house in Paola we fell in love with but it's too expensive, sadly. But otherwise PERFECT for us! We shall see if it is still available when we get back and if the price has come down any!

Rain rain rain. Chillin' kids. Lots of TV.

Laying in bed with Sam watching Spongebob while Daddy napped. This was after Joel and I ran to the HEB for groceries for dinner (burritos) in the pouring rain and got soaked.

We tried to head down to Galveston because we were bored but it was rain rain rain so I hopped on the handy iPhone and got us Spongebob 3D movie tickets, which the kids were dying to see. I have to admit I am a huge Spongebob fan myself. I think you have to be kinda juvenile to appreciate that show, and I certainly am that.
All of these photos were taken with the iPhone using its filters or Instagram's filters. If I look young or skinny, it is only to the credit of the iPhone 6. I should get a kickback for this.

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