Friday, March 20, 2015

Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas Field Trip

The Johnson Space Center was, in one word, AMAZEBALLS.

Here are some pics! We saw a little educational movie, toured all sorts of neat artifacts, mock-ups and more and went on a 1.5-hour tour of the facility. There were 2 other, different tours, and someday I want to go back with Mr. Kerrie and do them all because the kids totally were just putting up with me geeking out over this place. I mean, they had fun (Ripley's Believe it or Not area was a hit) but I should have shown them the movie The Right Stuff BEFORE going to the space center. Dangit. I have been lacking in my homeschool teaching of space, that's for sure. (also, head here to read Why Do We Need a Space Program? and I look forward to your arguments)

We made it at 3 p.m. but they did not close until 7 so we were a go for launch.

After a cool little movie, the doors opened to a dark room like a museum and it was super cool. Sorry, but my special writer words fail me about a place like this. I was astounded by the whole place.

This is made of toast. No joke.

This is made of computer keyboard keys. Again, no joke.

International Space Station mock-up and practice area. This we got to see on the tram tour where we got out and walked around this building.

I'm in this one partially because my dad was asking for pics of me since all I send him is pics of the kids! Why does it look like the flag is over my left shoulder when it was over my right? I don't get how photos work at all.

My boys spacing out.

Another old rocket.

I was in awe when we entered this building. This photo doesn't even show the entire rocket. On the walls there was info about all the astronauts and space programs.