Sunday, March 29, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 15: Meeting My Second Cousin and Monument Inn

Ah, Palm Sunday and a lovely time at the church just up the road from the hotel. Then back to the hotel to grab some lunch and it was time to head up to Katy, Texas to meet family I am not sure I ever met (maybe when he was a tiny baby and I was like 5 years old?). As is my way in Texas, we took a wrong turn and added half an hour onto our trip of an hour! But we were determined to make it and so we did!

Original family name Solberg, then got changed when my great grandpa came to this country to Solsberg. Then my grandpa's brother changed his to Solsberry. This is Richard Solsberry, my second cousin.

My man holds Casey and Richard's youngest and puts her straight to sleep with talk of the petroleum industry (just kidding!)
Callie stole my phone and took some fun shots.

THIRD cousins and they got along famously. Amazing kidlets!

My second cousin's wife, Casey, who is also a blogger and an amazing mom. She was showing me the "beauty" setting on her phone, which took like 10 years off both of us! DANG!
It's hard to explain what this day meant to me. I had been Facebook friends with Casey for a while and thought she was a really neat person. I was curious about my second cousin and it was very emotional for me to get to meet him. The majority of his side of the family has passed on, so it was important for me to show him that he still has family and that we aren't THAT far away. We had a great time there and I was truly sad to leave and wish we could get together more often. Casey and I are thinking: Family Reunion!

And across town for dinner

San Jacinto dealy-job where Sam Houston kicked serious butt, apparently. I don't know my Texas history so I hope this butt-whooping was necessary. This was right up the road from where we had dinner.
Super cool battleship on the way to the restaurant.

Our dinner view at Monument Inn. Merrie was our server and totally rockin'

My dinner. I think I might be a little bit spoiled.

The best family in the world at dinner. Man, they are so easy to take out to eat these days! They are all old enough to sit through a meal and not run around and it's really enjoyable! Aron had eaten at this place before and wanted to take us.

A neat wall art thing made of class with a shell for an eye. Callie had to take this picture!

Eva stared at this random girl all through dinner and wanted to make sure she knew she is pretty. At the end I asked if I could take their picture together and she was sweet enough to say yes.

Aaaand, rounding out this day we find Daddy trying to ride a chair down the stairs. He unfortunately did not have the key to make it go or you would be watching it on video right now! We do like to have fun!
And this concludes another day in the paradise that is Houston with my Family!

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