Monday, March 30, 2015

#LuciBag Review ... Direct Sales Ladies Must Have One!!!

I was recently invited on an online Luci Bag party and fell immediately in love! I had to have one! Yes, they are expensive, BUT ... I got one and it's a write-off on my taxes that I split into two since I have two direct sales businesses (Younique and Jamberry). I had been carrying around a backpack and it was not easy to get into quickly when I wanted to hand out samples and catalogs on the go!

I have to say I load my Luci Bag up. I make it super heavy since I carry my life and my businesses in it. I have had problems with other purses breaking at the strap. I've had the Luci Bag for over 2 months now and the straps are perfect. This is a bag that will hold up and paying more for something that will hold up is important to me. Also, helping out other direct sales ladies is important to me.

I bought my last bag at Target and you know who got my commission and hostess rewards? NOBODY. When I bought the Luci Bag I was supporting a fellow businesswoman and helping my friend get free product credit. It's a 3-way win! Oh, and the Target bag BROKE and I returned it. So forget that and get a Luci Bag!
My bag changes over time. The Jamberry catalog is different now and I change out the wraps I put in. I also keep Younique product on hand in my bag to sell on the go
This is the other side of the bag so I can switch things up and switch how I carry it. Five compartments on the back side to show a lot of fun things off, carry biz cards, samples, product. I'm also going to print off some neat color info sheets to fit exactly into these pockets for advertising on the go.

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