Saturday, March 28, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 14: Galveston Island

Saturday Aron had to work for part of the day and then we took off to Galveston Island. The kids and I were already a little crispy before heading south to the beach but we are always up for more sun, surf and sand. Here is our day in pictures. Another heavenly one and highly recommended as a family destination!

It's a hard life I lead.

I breathe a sigh of happy when we arrive at the south side of the island and I can see the water.

There are a bunch of these houses along Seawall where the paint is peeling and the windows are broken out. Why doesn't someone sell the land for a zillion bucks and let someone else develop it?

Yeah, I am the Queen of the Selfie since I now have a phone where I can see the picture while I am taking it.

My family on the beach. Yessss.

My ghetto iPhone 6 case. Can't get sand in that puppy.

Me and Eva.

Sammy building a sand something.

Pizza joint on Seawall where we had shrimp pizza and Hawaiian pizza.

Living my personal dream: at the beach with my amazing husband, 5 healthy kids while proofreading my book.


Eva stared at the dough guy until he did some more flipping for her!

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