Thursday, March 26, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 12: A New Writer Friend and the Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is free on Thursdays from 2-5 p.m. Let me tell you that is not enough time to explore the place because there is a ton to see and do. They are giving you a preview so you will buy a membership and you probably should. This town is KID-FRIENDLY, people ... one of the most kid-friendly towns I have ever been in ... and I did not expect a museum like this to be so hands-on for children, which was WONDERFUL!

So here is our day in pics. I like to try to do one new thing every day while we are here, even if that just means eating at a place we don't have in Kansas City, meeting someone new, going somewhere new.

Sometimes we end the day with swimming and sometimes we start it that way. Today the kids hit the pool before we went to the museum.

Then we hit the highway and made it downtown to meet up with my new writer friend, Jill Morgenstern.

My friend Jon called these "mesmerizing" ... and they are. The kids just sat and watched the pendulum swing back and forth until eventually it would knock down a dealy-jobber.

Some gorgeous gems in an exhibit
My Mommy crown

Sam's brother

We need this at our house ... helps understand the Periodic Table of the Elements way better than I ever learned it in school!

The geovator. You get inside and pretend to go down into the earth where they drill oil and learn all about the process.

Too late to go on that cool grassy trail hill but I got a pic in front of it. They were tired and ready for the trek home on the 45 South.
I got all adventurous on the way home and wanted to try out the Sam Houston, or the Beltway or the 8. Every highway has like 76 names here. I paid a whole lot of money to drive on it but we got to go over a huge bridge and come back over it.

And here ends another lovely day in paradise. For real this place is growing on me.