Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 11: Whataburger, Armand Bayou Nature Center & My Book in Print!

Today was TONS OF CHILLING IN THE MORNING until I could not stand it anymore and we headed out for some fun. First stop: WHATABURGER! Look for the orange and white roof!

It's good to try new things and have new experiences in fun places.

Armand Bayou Nature Center in Pasadena, TX

No traffic to get here or back, no crowds at all, and lots of time in gorgeous nature in Texas. Yes, a recharging time for all. The kids are checking out an alligator in the water across the way.

Back at the hotel, my 2 proofs of my book came from Amazon and I immediately started marking one up. I've done 6 editions of the ebook version of this but holding it in my hands ... surreal.
UPDATE 2018: You can get the 7th edition of my book here, over at The Published Parent!

Mr. McLoughlin got in on the action and he has found so many things I would have missed. So grateful to have a supportive husband. He was all into the proofing that night in the room. Get this boy a red pen!

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