Friday, March 27, 2015

32585 Harmony Road in Paola, Kansas, I Love You and UPDATE

So this happened where I fell in love with a house a year and a half ago and we even went to see it even though Mr. Kerrie doesn't want to live in Missouri and now that we do virtual school and Missouri has crap options neither do I. BUT then the new owner left a comment HERE on the blog where he was like on the movie Good Will Hunting when he yelled, "I GOT HER NUMBAH!"

So I'm sitting here in Houston waiting for the new owner of THIS house to tell me they bought it. And I will be happy for them but could you please, new owner, like check in from time to time? I am harmless and would just like to know how you are settling in. We could be neighbors-ish someday, after all, so throw me a bone! I promise to not stalk you or mess with you like that idiot lady who didn't get a house and then terrorized the new owners. I promise! I am way too busy for that kind of stuff anyway! This house has everything we have been looking for, but ...

This is a "bedroom" or office on the main floor and would be our homeschool room and my office and probably also the LEGO room where we would put LEGO creations on shelves all over the place.

This place is going on my vision board and in my prayers and if it does not sell before we get home I want to go look at it so badly but the price would have to drastically come down, for real. Mr. Kerrie and I don't want to owe on a house until we are in our 90s, ya know?

Update: We did the mortgage calculator and it was looking good, BUT don't forget you have to also add 1/12 of the annual property taxes and 1/12 of insurance into that total package and month payment and then we came up with a figure that would have us not being able to turn the heat or air conditioning on at this dream house as we walk around in rags and eat lots of beans, rice and peanut butter daily. Not worth it.

Update 12/1/17: This house was $425,000. Entirely worth it but too rich for our blood. We have moved to a home in MISSOURI (never thought my husband would move here) and for $372,000 we got 8 acres, a house of 2,752 square feet (entirely manageable), a ranch so we can ignore the lower level when we're old and our knees don't work anymore. We also got a POOL and a huge pond and trees and a fenced backyard and a pool table, washer and dryer came with the place. It is a dream come true!