Monday, March 30, 2015

#TheKerrieShow in #Houston Day 16: Galveston Island State Park

Monday morning we were recovering from a busy weekend so we messed around in the room all morning, did some homeschooling and finally I was able to rouse everyone to hit Galveston Island State Park. We got down there late but were still able to enjoy a few hours of fun! It was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget!
So first we drove to the part of the park where we could explore bayous. Joel freaked us all out about how there was a dead fish on the shore and thought there might be an alligator nearby. There were also  holes in the ground that we thought were snake holes but then we saw some sand crabs poking out!

What a view! I could do this every day!

The kids found these awesome tiny little shells with some sort of life in them that would burrow in the sandy water they had in their little bin. They loved watching them.

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