Thursday, December 4, 2014

#MommyScouts Pilot Program

So the dudes have Boy Scouts and we need our own thing. We need Mommy Scouts. A few years ago my oldest son was talking to a guy in his Boy Scout troop about something and saying he would have to ask his mom blah blah blah. The guy says, "It's not Mommy Scouts." This was to say that my kid, at age 11, should be organizing all his own crap ... and that I should not be in charge of any of his Scout junk. Scout moms know this is a joke. We keep the calendar and drive the kid places and harangue them to finish their stuff. Any kid with an Eagle award in Scouts has a parent or guardian not far behind who is now glad to have to break from the nagging about the 70 million steps each badge and each level of moving up takes to complete.

Oh, and who sews those danged badges on the shirts, anyway? Okay, my husband does, but my son ain't doin' in, that's for sure.

I am going to be posting some badge requirements for you to advance in Mommy Scouts ... the final badge coming when you get your kid out of the house, which may be when he/she is 18 and may be when he/she is about 45. For example, had my own mother been in Mommy Scouts, she would have received that final badge when I was 18. Then she would have had it snatched away when I moved back home TWICE. She would have gotten it back when I was about 22 and good for her for raising a fine young woman!

I have visions of selling specialized badges from my blog and also handbooks in the future. We'll see how far my half-assed self gets with this idea. Don't expect me to sit around sewing these badges on your shirts, ladies. Happy to take your ideas at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com. Yeah, I have to spell it out that way so dirty, nasty spammers leave me alone.

This blogger had the right idea back in 2009 and I applaud her. Hopefully I'm gonna run with hit! Here's her post about how we should have Mommy Scouts, and the I Didn't Kill My Daughter's First Boyfriend badge!

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