Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Evidence That I Could Not Be a "School Mom"

Rarely do I have to deal with school lines ... dropping off and picking up ... since I homeschool. However, there have been times when I have picked up other people's kids from school and usually the system is pretty efficient both at the public and the private schools. That is, if everyone is on good behavior and isn't acting like a selfish douchebag and talking on their phone.

So tonight I had two little ones who were not feeling well. I usually take Eva to Religious Ed class and Sam comes to the nursery with me, where I work. If they knew he was 5 years old (even though not in kindergarten) they would wrench him from my arms and put him in a class, and over my dead body, friends.

Anyway, for the first time ever I did a Religious Ed drop off. No problem. The pick up was the issue.

So I get there and I get in line. I realize I am blocking another part of the parking lot and there is a 6 p.m. Mass so I back up to let people in and out. This does not mean I am going to let someone IN who is  picking up their kid. Their butt should be BEHIND me. Prepositions, people.

So this chick in a Traverse comes up on my left and puts on her blinker, like she needs in front of me. I am trying to be cool and think maybe she is handicapped and needs a spot for Mass. Maybe she is going to park up there for some reason.

The line moves forward and I let her in ... keep in mind by now there are like 10 cars behind me. She is front of me and trucking along and the kids start coming out. I see a kid going to her car. My kids come to my car. I get out of my car and go up to her window while in the line.

I knock on her window. Yes, people, I do get this kind of thing from my parents and it is called ASSERTIVENESS. Also, my personality is an ENTJ and this means I can't stand morons and selfish people and I have to point out to them when they are in error. I'm kind of a butthole that way but I also consider it a service. What I said to her is better than someone who might have kicked her butt another time in the future.

So she looks surprised and rolls down her window WHILE STILL ON THE PHONE. And I say to her:

"Um, you cut me off in the pick-up line. Next time you need to come behind me like everyone else did. Thank you."

And back to my homeschooling world where I belong.

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