Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kerrie and Crew Wrap-up: Kick-Butt Field Trip, Planning a Vacation

I've been so busy with the family lately and the blog took a backseat ... but here are a couple of posts you can link to and find out what I'm scheming lately! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Coming up in December is the best field trip day ever, packed with 3 fun activities for the kids and me (I'm learning grammar real good with the kids lately ... haha!)

Here is where I talk about the possibility of planning a trip to New England with Mr. Kerrie and the kids. We would have to drive there to save a ton of money and the thought of popping my mommyvan on a ferry over to Martha's Vineyard and having the kids experience that is so exciting! I love having something to plan for ... it's the actual saving that is the hard part! These are pictures of Marblehead, Mass., where Mr. Kerrie used to go visit his Aunt Frances. Her house was just a short walk from the water.

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